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RUTH was first established in 2016 waxing and waning as time passed by. Yet, it would always manage to rise again like a phoenix. RUTH is an alternate universe post-Potter RP with a focus on storytelling, character development, and collaboration. Thinking out of the box is encouraged as well as building off from the foundations of the initial seven books. Although other sites restrict you to just those books, we encourage looking at the extended universe for greater cultivation. The site is currently in the restoration period following the tumultuous Battle of Hogsmeade that took place back in March 2021. There are fears of an Azkaban breakout while there are rumors that some victims have reemerged from the dead. Where do you stand?
Hogwarts Student Code of Conduct Tumblr_pchoh0NViF1qgokjco1_1280
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Hogwarts Student Code of Conduct Tumblr_pchoh0NViF1qgokjco5_1280
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Hogwarts Student Code of Conduct

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Hogwarts Head
  • by Camille Voclain Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:37 pmPermalink
    Code of Conduct

    1. Respect all staff and professors.

    2. When in school uniform, they must be on correctly and in a way that isn't demeaning. When not in school uniform, be modest and don't wear anything vulgar. You represent Hogwarts.

    3. The possession and consumption of alcohol and other recreational controlled substances are prohibited.

    4. The use of foul language in the corridors and classrooms is prohibited.

    5. You may only go to Hogsmeade if a. You are at least in third year and b. Have permission granted by a legal guardian.

    6. For students in years 1-5, curfew is 21:00 (9 PM) and for students in years 6-7, the curfew is 22:00 (10 PM). By those times, you must be in your house's common room or your dorm. In the common rooms, keep volume at an appropriate level and be mindful of your fellow housemates.

    7. Venturing into the Forbidden Forest is prohibited unless you have the written permission of a staff member for educational reasons.

    8. No vandalizing or destroying your classmates' and school property. If you damage or lose something, you must pay for it.

    9. The Room of Requirement is only to be used for educational purposes outside of class time and before curfew.

    10. No pranking classmates and/or professors during class or in the corridors.

    11. Inappropriate conduct is prohibited. The only PDA allowed in the corridors is hand-holding.

    12. It is prohibited to go to the common room and dorms of houses other than the one you're in.

    13. Prefects and the Head Boy and Girl can discipline as appropriate.

    Student Pregnancies

    Student pregnancies are dealt with on a multi level system; there is consequences for both parties involved in the matter as it takes two to tango.

    Keeping the baby: Mother is to be expelled, father suspended unless he is heavily involved with both the mother and the baby then he is to be expelled as well.

    Adoption: Both parties are to be suspended until after the baby is born and adopted out.

    Abortion/Miscarriage: A strong warning is given about the dangers of having sex; contraception is also handed out.

    Hogwarts Student Code of Conduct Tumblr_mgrxahAeDw1qjsaj0o1_500
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