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Carly Waters Tumblr_pchoh0NViF1qgokjco1_1280
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sexual orientation
sexual orientation
blood purity
blood purity
  • by Guest Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:58 pmPermalink
    Carly Waters Shadowhunters-kat-mcnamara-dom-sherwood-shoulder

    Carly Waters 2mysopi
    Name: Carly Marie Waters
    Nicknames: Carls
    Age: 16
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Hometown: London, England
    Current Home: London streets
    Nationality: British
    School: Hogwarts
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Wand: Spruce wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ½" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility

    Carly Waters Nvoduh
    Hair Color: Red
    Hair Style: Wavey and long
    Eye Color: Brown
    Body Type: Skinny
    Height: 5'9
    Other Distinguishing Features: Many scars
    Clothing Style: Fashionable
    Carly Waters 250t5p0
    -Making friends
    -Kind people
    -Her family
    -Thunder storms
    -Abusive people
    -Children getting hurt
    -Selfish people
    -Rude purebloods
    -Her kindness
    -Her willingness to trust people and see the good in them
    -Her emotional bonds to animals
    -Being alone
    -Caring for people
    -Healing spells/potions/charms
    -Paying attention
    Positive Traits:
    -Being quiet and knowing when to talk
    -Perfectionist when it counts
    -Kind hearted
    Negative Traits:
    -Doesn't speak up for herself
    -Is shy
    -Negtive thoughts
    Carly Waters K4c6zl
    Father's Name: John Waters
    Age: 46
    Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
    Occupation: Auror
    Status: Deceased

    Mother's Name: Karoline Waters (Nee: Holth)
    Age: 59
    Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
    Occupation: Death Eater/Auror
    Status: Living

    Sister: Sabrina Waters, 23, pure, death eater/waitress , single.
    Brother: Alexander Waters, 25, pure, death eater/shop owner , single.
    Adopted sister: Anne Marie Waters, 14, muggle born, student, single.
    Children: N/A

    Spouses/Partners: N/A

    Luna, white cat with black mark on forehead, 4.

    Other Key Members: N/A
    Carly Waters 14ta1pl
    When she was born on a late night in the middle of June no one was there, if her mother didn't have to be there she wouldn't have been there. Her father was the only happy one there. Her father named her Carly Marie Waters in honour of his best friend during his time at Hogwarts.

    When Carly was no older then two her mother tried to kill her by sending a curse at her that would make it look like an accident but it back fired. She had said the spell around and instead of accident the women has said animal. This is how Carly gained her power to speak to animals, though she wouldn't figure out she could till she was five years old. At the time they had a dog which was her siblings and not hers but she still played with it. She then began to talk to it and after explaining it to her father he got confused but accepted it.

    Well her father loved this abality her mother hated it for her even more, this ment that Carly would be able to protect herself even better. So during on evening her mother planned to murder her husband in her sleep as well as Carly, after gathering up her two children which she only cared about she set their house on fire. Carly only seven at the time was awaken and running to her father she awoke him.

    Her father knowing there was no way they would both get out opened the window and told Carly to climb out that he would be down in a second. When she touched the ground he told Carly to call for a wolf or a horse since they lived in the country. A horse came to her aid and then that's when the house collapsed her father still in it. The horse being spooked and knowing to protect the small child on it's back ran away. Carly only having a locket with her from her birthday, the only gift she was given.

    Her mother after everything tried to find the remians of Carly but failed and figuring out that Carly had somehow escaped began to search for the young child. But they couldn't find her. Carly managed to make her way to an orphanage for wizard children and stayed there till she was 11 which was when she got her Hogwarts letter. Going out and getting her things one day Carly had no clue how her mother tracked her down but when she got back her new home was burned down. Only one little girl survied. Anne Marie. Carly saved this young blonde girl from the fire and kept her safe.

    When time came for Carly to go to Hogwarts she took Anne Marie with her and kept the girl she thougth of a sister as safe. Anne Marie who was only two years younger then Carly stayed with her during Hogwarts. She managed to hide the young child and kept her safe taking her role as a new sister seriously. When time came for Anne Marie to become a student herself Carly watched with joy as Anne Marie was sorted and the two sisters kept each other safe. Luckly both her biological siblings were done school by then so they couldn't bother Carly anymore.

    Now Carly starts her sixth year and Anne Marie her fourth. The two sisters vow to keep each other safe and Carly is extremly protectavie of the young girl.

    Carly Waters 5fg840
    The first descendant of the Waters was an American Wizard known by the name of Johnathan Waters, he was born a muggle born and he was born in the 1700's, when he came of age he attended Illvermorny he was then sorted into Horned Serpent, overjoyed he began his studies to become a great wizard. After finishing his schooling he became someone who taught charms at the school. His by far favourite thing to study. Well working there he met a beautiful pureblood witch named Elsa Greens, they began to date and in three years time they were married and had two beautiful children, Alisa Waters and Verlic Waters. Both half-bloods and both attended Illvemorny as well. Alisa being sorted into Horned Serpent like her father and Verlic being sorted into Thunderbird. For the following generations till now of Waters, there was always one girl and one boy.

    If this was luck or something that the first Waters did himself they didn't know. But it was also one boy and one girl. Up to the eldest son of the great great great grandson named James Waters moved from America to England to raise his two children there. His sister, Juliet Waters had no children so the Waters name was carried on in England. From there on out the Waters lived in England and went to Hogwarts. During the fourth generation, that's when the Waters earned their pureblood status when the third generation son named Bellamy Waters who was a half-blood due to his father Verlic married a muggle-born. Bellamy married a pureblood and in turn the fourth generation was pure of blood.

    From this point on the Waters kept their pureblood roots and anyone who was not pure of blood was kicked out or ignored as part of the family. Now we get to the generation where John Waters is born, growing up he was sorted into Ravenclaw and following his family's guidance became an Auror during his job he ran into Karoline Holth who's family had a long history of Purebloods as well, marrying her because he was forced to he then had two children in their first seven years together. His eldest, Alex Waters sorted into Slytherin and his second eldest Sabrina following her brother's steps. But then by complete accident for the first time in the Water's history there was a third daughter the youngest and smallest, Carly Waters. For the first time in generation's instead of one boy and one girl, it was one boy and two girls. Causing Carly Waters to be the youngest of the long known pureblood family known was the Waters.

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    Mini Ava
    sexual orientation
    sexual orientation
    blood purity
    blood purity
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