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Miriam Baptist

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Miriam Baptist Empty Miriam Baptist

Post by Miriam Baptist on Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:37 pm

Miriam Baptist 39284811924_493dff28c5
   Miriam Baptist Ruthbas
   Name: Miriam Rachel Baptist
   Nicknames: Miri
   Titles: N/A
   Date of Birth: March 3, 1995
   Age: 25
   Blood Status: Pureblood
   Hometown: Too personal
   Current Home: A suburb outside of London
   Nationality: Pureblood
School: Hogwarts (Slytherin alum)
   Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
   Wand: Ash, dragon heartstring, sturdy, 8", chocolate brown color, vine pattern

   Miriam Baptist Ruthappe
   Hair Color: A honey-dirty blonde
   Hair Style: Long, quite a bit of volume, well-kept
   Eye Color: Brown
   Body Type: Thin, slightly curvy
   Height: 5'6
   Other Distinguishing Features: A dark mark often concealed with makeup
   Clothing Style: Very feminine and sophisticated - softer colors and neutrals, classical cuts

   Miriam Baptist Ruthper
Miriam is a kindhearted woman with a strong drive to be financially stable. Her unusual upbringing for a pureblood affected her mindset - she wasn't one to believe that the world is her oyster. If anything, she had to work hard for it to be the case. A hard worker, she isn't one to give up when things don't initially go her way. There is an innate need to prove herself to others as she feels a burden from the name she was born into. When she needs to, she can be quite manipulative and break hearts, but she tries to save it for situations that calls for it. All Miriam has ever wanted was her own identity, stability, and some sort of power to help her feel in control of her life.

   Miriam Baptist Ruthhist
  Your entrance to the world was hectic. You forced yourself out of your mother's womb making her shriek, wail, suffer. It was genuinely a wonder how it didn't turn her off from the natural inhibition of reproduction. It, sadly, unknowingly was a sign of how your upbringing would end up.

Like any other firstborn, you were spoiled, loved, and cherished. Especially because you miraculously managed to not kill your mother in the process. Soon enough, one became two and adorable little Zebedee was brought into the world. You doted over him like the best older sister you could be. For a pureblooded wizarding family, one would say that it was ironic how everyone had biblical names. The family name of Baptist was certainly the tip of the iceberg.

Wasn't it such a coincidence how your given name ended up predicting how you'd feel about your parents? About how they forced you into the cycle of poverty? About how they forced you to work harder than the average pureblood? About how they forced the disadvantage of few familial connections? It was as if you were born to fail. You resented it. You resented seeing your brother willingly break child labor laws just to have somewhat of a more normal childhood. You resented having to wear hand-me-downs like the Weasleys. You resented the lack of power you were inherently given. You resented your baby brother being given to some nefarious figure simply for a quick buck and because your parents didn't want him. What kind of parent would name their child Azazel out of pure hatred?

Hogwarts was a blessing in disguise. It allowed you to make your own reputation. It allowed you to feel like your own person. It allowed you a fresh start. You, much to your amazement, ended up becoming one of the more popular ones in your graduating class. Many boys wanted to date you, many girls wanted to be you, many wanted both of those. It was quite a surprise to you as you thought you'd be undesirable due to your family's situation. Who would've thought that your model looks would be your savior? At least that was one good thing that came out of your existence.

Being in Slytherin helped you realize your potential. You were able to be adored and feared. You were able to charm your way out of situations simply through your looks. It was your meal ticket out of the unfortunate predicament you were born into. You were the first person in your family to attend university. You were the first to end up with a job at the Ministry that wasn't a couple month internship. You craved the power that you felt was within your grasp.

Your affiliation with the Death Eaters, on the other hand, is rather complicated. You felt it was your only real way to get power. You felt it'd allow you to feel and be respected even if the general public would find such a siding despicable. You also felt that maybe, maybe it'd allow you to finally meet your baby brother once again. You thought you could rescue him. Your hopes were crushed when you never saw him at any of those meetings. You just wanted him to know that he does have family that loves and cares for him.

Yet, the Death Eaters encouraged you. They helped you anyway they could as long as you did the same for them. It ended up being the first real family you found yourself in besides the Slytherin house. They saw your potential. They nourished it. They gave you all the connections they got. You felt as if you had finally got to be seen as Miriam. You felt as if you could be the one to bring goodness back to the Baptist name.
Miriam Baptist
Ministry Worker
Alias : Xaria
Posts : 87
Age : 25
Blood Status : Pureblood
Occupation : Unspeakable
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual
Relationship Status : Single
Faction : Death Eaters
Patronus : Hummingbird
Face Claim : Sharon Tate

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Miriam Baptist Empty Re: Miriam Baptist

Post by Miriam Baptist on Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:55 pm

Miriam Baptist Tomaccepted

When no one is around, my dear
You'll find me on my tallest tiptoes
Spinning in my highest heels, love
Shining just for you
Miriam Baptist
Ministry Worker
Alias : Xaria
Posts : 87
Age : 25
Blood Status : Pureblood
Occupation : Unspeakable
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual
Relationship Status : Single
Faction : Death Eaters
Patronus : Hummingbird
Face Claim : Sharon Tate

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