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Theodore Nott

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Theodore Nott Empty Theodore Nott

Post by Theodore Nott on Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:05 pm

Theodore Nott Theogotham
Theodore Nott Ruthbas
Name: Theodore Gennadius Nott
Nicknames: Theo
Titles: Unspeakable
Date of Birth: February 4th, 1980
Age: 40
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Oxfordshire, England
Current Home: Oxfordshire, English
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts (Slytherin Alumni)
Sexual Orientation: Conflicted
Wand: 11 1/2", Dragon Heartstring, Acacia

Theodore Nott Ruthappe
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short, slicked to one side
Eye Color: Grey/Blue
Body Type: Skinny
Height: 6'0"
Other Distinguishing Features: Pointed nose, surly expression
Clothing Style: Classic three-piece suits, embroidered fabrics, art deco, traditional, dark colours (deep red, navy, dark green, black).

Theodore Nott Ruthper
Theodore is a staunch traditionalist: very serious, no-nonsense, strict and surly. He is not materialistic and hedonistic as others within the pureblood community, as he spends most of his time spent locked in the Nott manor's basement; conducting magical experiments and snapping at any family members who dare to disturb him. Theodore spent most of his childhood being extremely quiet and holding back his emotions, but in his mid-life a lifetime of temper has suddenly surfaced and is unleashed in impatient aggression towards others.

There is a deep, hidden longing within Theo that seeks to be fulfilled; but at the moment he has no idea how to procure such fulfilment. He is exasperated with his marriage, his situation and his life in general; although he effectively hides this away.

Theodore Nott Ruthhist

Theodore Nott was born to senior Orson Nott (who was fifty-nine at the time) and a considerably younger Clementine Nott (twenty-nine) in the February of 1980. Their thirty year difference was the subject of much scrutiny even amongst the pureblood community; who were accustomed to the idea of controversial marriage agreements in order to keep the blood lines pure. It was the fact that their marriage was not arranged that deluded people. Clementine was thereby thought of as a money-grabber whose interest merely resided in the inheritance after Orson's death.

Theodore did not recall instances of warmth or compassion between his Mother and Father, but he instantly thought his Mother as a saint. She was heralded by Theodore because she died when he was four years old; at an age where your Mother was incomparable to all other women in the world. Not only that, but the little boy had witnessed the fatality that killed her.

Clementine was hospitalised for a long while before her death in 1984. She experienced severe complications after Theodore's birth, and had several miscarriages before and after; resulting in her almost permanent residence in St Mungo's hospital. Theo had visited his Mother daily for a couple of hours, but had been unfortunate enough to see her moment of passing. At her funeral, her carriage was drawn by these ugly, skeletal-like horses with wings of dark, veined membrane: thestrals.

It wasn't the last time Theodore came into contact with thestrals, as his elderly tutor was an avid breeder and often brought flocks to the Nott family's estate gardens. He recalled moments of her wicker cane snapping, as his attention drifted from her education to the brutish whiteness of their eyes in the gardens below. This woman tutor very much favoured traditionalism and was very old-fashioned, much like his Father. Theodore recalled childhood as something very lonely, very isolated and very awkward.

Most of his earliest memories are of feeling awkward, in fact.

By the time Theodore had started Hogwarts, he hadn't much experience with talking to children his own age. The sad truth was that he hadn't any friends, and only really spoke to adults. In his first year at the school, Theo was very quiet. His fellow classmate and dormitory occupant Draco Malfoy was not very quiet. It was very clear to see that he loved the sound of his own voice, and was proud to the point of painful arrogance. Theo didn't like him much, and made a point of not involving himself in any of his deplorable charades.

It was only really in fifth year that Theodore spoke more to Draco Malfoy. They had both addressed the issue of their Fathers; that they had both been Death Eaters, and that after the Dark Lord's rebirth they were once again involved with his scheme. In the following year, Theodore had witnessed a much more vulnerable side to Draco. When he had heard him trying to hold in his nightly sobbing, Theodore had felt a kind of sympathy that he didn't know he was capable of.

He had a peculiar sense of brotherly affection that confused him. He had wanted to give Draco warmth and strength: usually by consoling him at night to rid himself of unnecessary emotion. It was the way Theo had coped through his tragic childhood, after all.


Shortly after the war, Theodore suffered another loss of his Father. Orson had died shortly after being incarcerated to Azkaban fortress, and all of the family's inheritance went to Theodore: including their twenty acres of land and stately home. Theodore, who had never much as embraced his Father or felt any such affection, was not in mourning for very long. The only thing that transpired from his death was Theo's marriage to fellow classmate Daphne Greengrass.

After the war, Theo very much retained the Dark Lord's ideals on pureblood superiority. Marrying was simply a duty. Daphne was intelligent enough to know this too. They had been friends and close enough for Theodore to mistaken his feelings for love, but their compatibility was so bad that it was toxic. They had children, eventually. Theo had his job in the Department of Mysteries: the department his Mother once worked for.

Perhaps it was due to Theodore's pained circumstances in early childhood that forced him to grow up fast. That's why, while others his age learned to control and reason with their emotions; Theo discovered more of his. He felt anger, confusion and the predictability of his life. Some days the only thing sparing his sanity was the charcoal halls of the mystery department; particularly its love chamber that smelt longingly of pomade, boot polish and soiled quidditch jerseys. He would still see Draco, sometimes. They would nod to each other.

He and Daphne's arguments were not always spared from the ears of their children, and they failed to subside over the years.

Once when Alayna managed to unlock his Father's trinket cupboard, Theo had smacked her; had pulled her little arm to him, and with his eyes glazed over with unbridled anger...

"You do not touch that! Don't you ever touch anything in this room, you horrible child!"

Daphne had pulled him off her daughter, and cooed to her softly. The fury in her eyes turned them as dark as stone:

"Don't you dare hit our child again, Theodore!"

He realised he had turned into his Father. He realised, and yet he felt no desire to change that. Gone were the days where he would listlessly carry out his duty: he was the king of his castle, and his rules were absolute. But his desire for that kind of power didn't stop there, and nor had others who were outraged by the weakness of their community. It was time for them to take back the power they once had over wizardkind, and Theodore was glad to assist towards a new world order.

Theodore Nott
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Theodore Nott Empty Re: Theodore Nott

Post by James Potter on Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:11 am

Theodore Nott Tomaccepted

Theodore Nott Keithgif12
James Potter
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