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RUTH was first established in 2016 waxing and waning as time passed by. Yet, it would always manage to rise again like a phoenix. RUTH is an alternate universe post-Potter RP with a focus on storytelling, character development, and collaboration. Thinking out of the box is encouraged as well as building off from the foundations of the initial seven books. Although other sites restrict you to just those books, we encourage looking at the extended universe for greater cultivation. The site is currently in the restoration period following the tumultuous Battle of Hogsmeade that took place back in March 2021. There are fears of an Azkaban breakout while there are rumors that some victims have reemerged from the dead. Where do you stand?
What is it good for? (open) Tumblr_pchoh0NViF1qgokjco1_1280
look at me ((open))
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Affiliate with RUTH!
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only who is left [jcink prem]
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at the careers fair (OPEN)
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Messages from Last Night
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out of tune ((open))
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forstyhia ((open))
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Obscurian Inner Circle
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Optional Request Codes
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What is it good for? (open) Tumblr_pchoh0NViF1qgokjco5_1280
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What is it good for? (open)

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sexual orientation
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blood purity
Gryffindor Fourth Year
  • by Rutuk Skelter Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:56 pmPermalink
    Rutuk took in the sights of his new temporary residence. It was of ancient architecture, compared to what the fellow was used to anyway. It was all so interesting. There was so much he had to learn about here. He was lucky to even be here now, so this wouldn't go to waste. He found himself in the hospital wing of the school. This was somewhat familiar... He pushed the thought aside as he got a little cold. He looked around to examine the instruments now, he didn't then, now would be a good time. There were bags, wrappings, and needles, all so knew to him. Hard to believe that he... He moved along. There were other magical tools he hadn't seen before. This was interesting to him. Where as an actual hospital used sub-par technology from what he recalled, this was all more magical with a few extra things that magic couldn't quite heal alone. He continued to a small counter with the precision tools and such. A small out of place wrapping caught his eye, not yet opened he picked it up and tried to examine the print. There was a heart awfully clashing with the rest of the room with it's brash pink. Must've been a left over from that valentines day. He was surprised he didn't see it earlier. The print was, of course, written in a font he had never seen before. It was so small and messy he couldn't make out the last few letters. "Co- con-... Screw it." He casually tossed the pack behind him. "What's it good for anyway? I need of not for such small item." He took a deep breath and calmed down, getting a bit over zealous. Did he butcher a sentence, he hoped no one had heard if he did. Maybe it was acceptable. He stretched his neck, still stiff. "What is with my neck, I thought it would've been fine by now. Maybe it's the air." He decided to shut up now, it would be too awkward if someone heard him talking to himself...
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