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Medusa Pretorius Empty Medusa Pretorius

Post by Medusa Pretorius on Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:07 pm

Medusa Pretorius Zendaya_nov17_social_1

Name: Medusa Pretorius
Nicknames: Dusa
Date of Birth: January 1st
Age: 17
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Hometown: Coffee Bay, South Africa
Current Home: London, England
Nationality: British
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: 9'4" Cider wood, Phoenix feather core.


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Curly
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Skinny
Height: 5'7
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: Simple


Medusa is a hard working girl, she had to start her whole life over eventually so she knows how to work hard to get what she wanted in life. She had worked her whole life to do different things. She is a proud person, carrying her legacy like chains but also trophies. But shes also deeply ashamed of whom she is, she doesn't want to be known as a person who could kill someone like her name would suggest. She has pride in herself, pride in whom she has become over the years.

She takes pride and her efforts and she will always strive for perfection. But shes also stubborn, she will stand her ground and no budge. Once she has made up her mind she very rarely changes what she had thought. She is often cold, not allowing people in just due to losing so many people in her life, she shuts them out and tries to hide. She very rarely tells people anything about herself. Trying her damndest to hide in the shadows.

Medusa can and will do anything to protect the few people she has in her life. The one friend she still has, she protects fiercely, she will always stay loyal to her friends even when they are old and grey. She will forevermore remain loyal. Never doubt her loyalty or pride, because of both of them well her best features, are also her downfall. She would give up the world to protect someone and her pride.


Growing up in a world that hates you is hard, but growing up in one that will forever ignore whom you could be is even harder.
Medusa grew up with a weak mother, one who had a heart bigger than anyone she ever knew. But Dusa also knew that her mother was terribly small and weak when it came to saying no. So her mother had ended up having a daughter due to a drunk man wanting a one night stand. For this reason, Medusa would never know her real father. She didn't really want to anyway.
When she was no older than five years old her mother told her that her father was something special, but her mother whose name was Athena, ironic with their Greek names seeing as they were South American, but Medusa never questioned it. Her mother once told her that she could've sworn that when Medusa's father left the next morning she spotted him just vanishing, but she would never fully understand what she had seen.

Medusa grew up in a small town called Coffee Bay, it was tiny and Medusa has fond memories of the place, but sadly when she was eight years old her mother due to never really living in the best places, and not having a lot of money and anything she did have was spent so Medusa could have food. Athena died due to an illness. This caused for Medusa to be put into the system and she was sent away to America where they could better feed her.

So for the next year, she was passed from family to family till she started to show signs of being magical. At the age of nine, she showed her first magical spell when a vase was thrown at her in a fit of rage and it just stopped dead. Floated for a mere moment before crashing into the ceiling.

Medusa remembers a nice lady coming the next day and telling her that Medusa was going to be sent to a special place for special people. So she was sent to a different place she was told that when she was 11 she would be going to a special school but until then she was to stay with nice women named Martha.

Martha told Medusa that she was very special and that soon she would be able to do stuff that some people couldn't. That her father was extremely special and that she was something called a Witch. Medusa knew that term from legends and stories told back in hometown. In the little English, she knew she asked if it was similar to the stories she had been told during bedtime. The lady explained that they were but also weren't.

Medusa didn't question it much afterwards. Martha taught her English, taught her how to behave like a proper young lady and fed her and clothed her. Medusa grew to love this woman. But someone didn't seem to like Martha, Medusa didn't know why but this man would often come into her home and yell at Martha, calling her a freak.

Medusa was in her bed one night and there was a loud crash, a window had broke, she heard Martha yelling something but by the time Medusa went downstairs to go try and help it was too late. The man Medusa had seen time and time again had Martha pinned to the wall, Martha was missing an arm, she was bleeding badly and Medusa spotted her arm across the room. The man held a gun up to Medusa and told her to be still so she listened.

She was so scared and when she saw the man go to hurt Martha again, she screamed, she screamed so loudly it broke a window most likely due to her magic being out of control. The man shot Martha and Medusa witnessed her first death.

She never did learn of the man's name, for once she saw Martha limp on the ground she ran off quickly. She would end up living on the street for another year till the lady whom came and got her in South Africa found her. She took her to the school she had been told she would be going to. So for the next few years, she attended Ilvermorny school for witches and wizards.

She loved it there but in her sixth year the man whom she saw kill Martha all those years ago found her and recognized her, so he tried to kill her. Medusa now living with the women from before who was named Annalise told Medusa she would go to England, and so she did, moving to London, England she attended Hogwarts. So her seventh and final year would be her last would not be taken at Hogwarts instead of Ilvermorny and though she missed her homeschool she understood why she would need to be moved.

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Post by Ezra Shaw on Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:31 pm

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