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The Escape (Open)

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The Escape (Open) Empty The Escape (Open)

Post by Guest Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:58 pm

Chaos was not happy with his life as always. He basically was on the outs with his family. When he did stay with them he was essentially forced into being a servant. He was the one that no one wanted. The embarrassment of the family. He sighed as he entered the Unforgivable pub. He had to admit that he felt out of place though at the moment he just wanted a drink. His last name Lestrange limited him to only a few places. He tried to tell them that he was different from his father a known Death Eater though hardly anyone believed him.

Sitting down he ordered a scotch on the rocks. Chaos looked around and noticed that the entertainment tonight was a strip show. 'This is just great.' He thought to himself. Something else to make him uncomfortable. Nothing that he can do about the pubs choice of entertainment. He was here to escape the world and his current life not to be entertained. Tonight was just going to be him and his friend alcohol.

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The Escape (Open) Empty Re: The Escape (Open)

Post by Guest Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:12 pm

Odysseus had been going back and forth between England and Norway lately to spend time with his new girlfriend. He had no clue how either of his sons would feel, so getting them to meet was something in the back of his mind. He was also increasingly worried about Cernu in particular; he knew trash boyfriends when he saw one, and this one was just a creep. It didn't help that the conversation he had with the said-boyfriend didn't do much to ease his concerns. Noticing that his ex-fiancee was among the entertainment for the night, he ave her a no and proceeded to take a seat. "You alright, kid?" Odysseus asked looking at the man beside him who honestly didn't look that perky to him.

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The Escape (Open) Empty Re: The Escape (Open)

Post by Guest Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:10 pm

Chaos looked up when he heard someone talking to him or at least he thought it was him. "Yeah I am fine just can't stand how some people judge based on the name that you may of been given." He honestly just hated the fact that he could not be his own person without being judged by his father's actions.

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The Escape (Open) Empty Re: The Escape (Open)

Post by Guest Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:41 pm

"Luckily, down in these parts you aren't judged unless you're a Weasley," Odysseus replied. "As my son likes to put it 'You're only judged in Knocked Up Alley by your bikini wax.'" He wasn't that great at comforting others, but he couldn't help but try as the other seemed down in the dumps.

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