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sexual orientation
sexual orientation
blood purity
blood purity
  • by Guest Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:25 pmPermalink
    O'Sullivan-Zrinski, Barbara Monika Large

    O'Sullivan-Zrinski, Barbara Monika Ruthbasicsapp
    Name: Barbara Monika Zrinski O'Sullivan
    Nicknames: Barbi, Nika
    Titles: n/a
    Date of Birth: 25.06.
    Age: 14
    Blood Status: Halfblood but raised as a Muggle
    Hometown: Zagreb, Croatia
    Current Home: London, UK
    Nationality: Croatian-British (dual citizenship)
    School: Hogwarts, Gryffindor
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Wand:rosewood, veela's hair, rigid

    O'Sullivan-Zrinski, Barbara Monika Ruthappeaapp
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Hair Style: Long and wavy
    Eye Color: blue
    Body Type: skinny
    Height: 150cm
    Other Distinguishing Features: none
    Clothing Style: colorful dresses

    O'Sullivan-Zrinski, Barbara Monika Ruthpersapp
    Barbara is a girl who was forced to get older before the time.
    Before her mother died, she was happy and even a little bit spoiled girl, but then, after her mother got sick she started behaving like an adult and was always there for her mother whatever she needs. Even in Veronika's last minutes, Barbara was brave, she was holding her mother's hand and she didn't start crying, she felt like she needs to be strong for her mother.
    In the first year after her mother died, she was just sad and shy girl, she didn't speak a lot and smile wasn't on her face.
    But then she realized that she can't live in the past. Her mother was dead and there is nothing she can do to change that so she decided that she needs to get better, she believed that her mother keep her safe from the heaven and she wanted her mother to be proud of her.
    She started living again, she was once again happy and friendly child.
    Barbara is that kind of person who wants everything and she wants it to be now.
    Even if she is a little bit lazy, she will always give her best to learn lectures and do her homework, eventually. She is stubborn and it's not the best decision to try to force her to do something. She will do it but you will immediately regret forcing her. She is brave and big adventurist, she always wants to try new thing.
    Barbara is friendly and when we talk about her friends and family, she is loyal and would do everything for them.
    While living with Anya, she became spoiled again because Anya always does everything that Barbara wants.

    O'Sullivan-Zrinski, Barbara Monika Ruthfamapp
    Father's Name: Sebastien O'Sullivan
    Age: 30
    Blood Status/Species: Halfblood/Werewolf
    Occupation: Libriarian
    Status: Alive

    Mother's Name: Veronika Zrinski
    Blood Status/Species: Muggle
    Status: Dead

    Siblings none

    Children: none

    Spouses/Partners: n/a

    Pets: none

    Other Key Members: Lilyanya Faulkner / 25 / Vampire

    O'Sullivan-Zrinski, Barbara Monika Ruthhistapp
    Barbara was born in Zagreb, Croatia where her mother lived. She had happy childhood even if she never met her father because her mother told her that her father died before she was born. But she had both mothers and his surname because Veronika hoped that Sebastian will accept and love Barbara in case that something happens to her.
    When Barbara was 8 years old her mother got sick. Barbara didn't know that back then but her mother had cancer on her brain. Barbara didn't know anything was wrong until it was too late. Her mother wrote the letters for Barbara and Sebastien in case she dies.
    One week before she got her letter from Hogwarts Veronika died so Barbara got her letter as well. Veronika wrote that her father is alive and that she will live with him.
    Barbara was shocked when she found out that she was a witch, but her grandparents helped her to buy everything and got ready for her new school.

    There is only one reason why Barbara decided to go to Hogwarts: She thought she would find a way to bring her mother back. But during the years she realized that is not possible.
    On her first year, while she was in Hogwarts Express someone crushed the bridge and then, she thought she will die. But one werewolf saved her and her new friend Milena (it was Sebastien who saved her but she doesn't know that).
    Her first year was hard, she just found out that she was a witch and everything was strange to her. It wasn't easier when she found out that a lot of children grew up in the house where people use magic and she didn't even know that exist.
    Sorting hat yelled Gryffindor and she wasn't even sure what that means. Later she realized it was home for brave children, but she wasn't sure why she was there. She wasn't brave, or at least she used to think that.
    During the year she met Medusa Hunt who became her good friend and helped her to get used to this new world.
    Barbara loves the school.
    Even if her mother told her that she will meet her father during the winter break, she met him at the school since he is the librarian there. She still visits her grandparents during the holidays but she loves her father. Even if it was awkward when she came to his house for the first time, not it is easier. She met Lilyanya, Sebastien best friend who lived with them and for the first time after her mother died, she felt like she belongs somewhere.
    At the school, she is the good student and she always tried to be there for her friends and to help them.
    Professors like her, or at least she likes to believe that they like her.

    O'Sullivan-Zrinski, Barbara Monika Ruthfamhistapp
    Barbara's parents met while her mom was on vacation in Manchester. 18 years old Veronika met 16 years old Sebastien one cloudy evening in late December. Sebastien was on his winter hollidays back in Manchester with his brother living in his aunt's house. He told her he was 19, and studyng european history on local university. Veronika believed him, he was tall and looking old enough, acting as adult and verry good liar, so she had no reason not to believe him. Veronika was medical student then and the youngest child in her family. They met in night club where Sebastien worked as bartender when she splited her drink few times and after his shift he escorted her to her hotel. They been together the entire time her family was in Manchester, 10 days, and she was Sebastien's first girlfriend.
    After Veronika returned in Zagreb and back to collage she started noticing the same symptoms like one in her books, she went on a perusal and discovered she's prignant but she decided to hide that from Sebastien, child's father.
    Her family wasn't happy, she was just 19 then, but they gave her their support and helped her.
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    Mini Ava
    sexual orientation
    sexual orientation
    blood purity
    blood purity
    Gryffindor Seventh Year
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