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Cherry Darling

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Cherry Darling Empty Cherry Darling

Post by Cherry Darling on Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:59 am

Cherry Darling Tumblr_lp0d82debZ1qeabw3o1_500


   Name: Cherry Louise Darling
   Nicknames: (If any)
   Date of Birth: January 29, 2003
   Age: 18
   Blood Status: Muggleborn
   Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
   Current Home: Alton, Hampshire, England
   Nationality: American
   School: Hogwarts - Ilvermorny for a time and idk how
   Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
   Wand: Madrona, unicorn hair, 7 3/4", hard, swirly pattern, beachy tan color


   Hair Color: Auburn
   Hair Style: Mediumish length, down
   Eye Color: Hazel
   Body Type: Plus size
   Height: 5'4
   Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
   Clothing Style: Whatever she finds cute and comfortable - lots of florals


 Cherry is mainly notorious for the huge amount of book smarts she possesses. In fact, her free time is mainly spent studying, doing homework, or reading. She values working hard, getting good grades, and acquiring knowledge as she feels as if that is the best way for her to achieve. She would often be described as a teacher's pet due to her habits to try and help them out and just in general behave to compensate for her classmates. Cherry is also rather promiscuous as it is a way for her to act out and rebel against her evangelical upbringing; she takes the freedoms she has just for ending up having magic seriously and considers it to be an escape from her family.


  Born in Overland Park, Kansas to a rather evangelical family, it was a wonder how Cherry didn't end up being a dollar store Jana Duggar. She ended up being the eldest of four children due to her parents having fertility issues. In hindsight, Cherry had grown curious as to why they didn't attempt using IVF to try to have more. Despite being a relatively small family, she had to play babysitter and as another mother to her siblings by raising them when their parents wouldn't. Cherry was raised with the expectations of getting married as soon as she could to a man her parents approved of and had her court with and then have that man's many children.

In no exaggeration, ending up being magical saved her from such a future. She began attending Ilvermorny until before her she entered her third year with her family moving to England to try and spread their way of living to other believers in the area. Upon transferring to Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw and began using her time during term to either act out against her parents' beliefs or to focus on her academics for success following graduation. As she nears complete independence, Cherry has been wondering how to live more in the moment.
Cherry Darling
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Cherry Darling Empty Re: Cherry Darling

Post by Cernunnos Largo on Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:43 pm

Cherry Darling Tomaccepted

Cherry Darling Tumblr_nyw5qk4UgD1qc1sb1o5_400Cherry Darling Tumblr_nyw5qk4UgD1qc1sb1o4_400
take me down and you hold me right spin me all around, i feel so dizzy, i fall into you, you rock me, you rock me, you rock me in
Cernunnos Largo
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