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Amelia Darte

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Amelia Darte Empty Amelia Darte

Post by Amelia Darte on Sat Oct 15, 2016 8:28 pm

Amelia Darte Image-placeholder

Amelia Darte Ruthbas
Name: Amelia Darte
Nicknames: Amy (Hates this), Lia, Reaper
Date of Birth: 16th June
Age: 24 
Blood Status: Halfblood
Hometown: Boston, America
Current Home: Oxford, England
Nationality: American
School: Durmstrang
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: 9", Sequioa, Griffin Claw, Sturdy.

Amelia Darte Ruthappe
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Long, Wavy
Eye Color: Heterochromia (Blue and Brown) Both eyes are split with both colours.
Body Type: Slim, Musculuar. Considered Petite.
Height: 5'4
Other Distinguishing Features: Lots of tattoos. Bullet hole scar in her shoulder. Suffers from phantom pain.
Clothing Style: Combat styled, anything that allows her to quickly escape. Must stretch around her to provide comfort and anything that can hide weapons. She's armed to the teeth.

Amelia Darte Ruthper
Amelia Darte doesn't trust easily and doesn't think before she speaks, but she'll always blame it on her incredibly bad temper. Once she gets to know a person, she'll dwell on how she's acted and will apologise, doing everything she can to make it up to them. Weapons are her favourite things in the world, naming them sweetheart or baby as she loves them so dearly. She's strong and intelligent, knowing everything and anything about any kind of combat but won't boast about it. She's blunt and rude on the surface but underneath, she's kind and caring and will put her life on the line for them. She hates being followed, the sensation sending her into a panic and she also hates the ministry.

Amelia Darte Ruthfam
Father's Name: Jeremiah Darte
Age: 46
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: N/A
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Status/Species: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Siblings: Jacob Darte, 26, Halfblood, Deceased

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: Alexander Rook, 24, Halfblood, Deceased - Long Term Boyfriend.


Other Key Members: Faye Darte, 6, Halfblood, Living

Amelia Darte Ruthhist
Amelia didn't know her mother, and neither did her father. When she was born, she was cast aside and placed on her father's doorstep in a basket. Despite not knowing who her mother is, he knew he was her father. They lived in America for a few years but her father's work dragged her to Poland. Not that she minded, having fallen in love with Durmstrang the moment she set foot in and she was taught how to fight and use weapons. When not learning, her father and her would go hunting and she's always been good at it from hunting in America and Poland. She became known as the Reaper in Durmstrang as even then, with a swift move or kick, they'd be down on the floor and she'd already be off the matt. She was the fighting professor's greatest prize and his son was like a god towards Amelia. At the age of 15, she was completely enraptured by Alexander Rook and he was the same with her. They began dating a year later and were always inseparable, their fighting skills in sync but Amelia always just a little better, allowing her to take him down every time. Never once did he win.

Over the years, Amelia couldn't think of what she wanted to be when she was older and finished at Durmstrang. She just wanted to fight and her fighting professor suggested doing that as living, doing contracts and harming those who needed it and he began to tell her that he used to do the same before he was a professor. He then urged to go by an alias and someone, as if the stars aligned, shouted "Come on Reaper! There's a fight!" and Amelia couldn't help but use that. It wasn't on any papers and if one of the became a ministry member, she would obliviate them. Alexander wanted to refuse but joined her side, the moment they finished his old contacts. Her brother, Jacob, also joined in having also had an affinity for fighting but he would do the more technical side and help them find who to hurt. Amelia considered her and Jacob best friends, being half siblings as they both didn't know who their mother was and she fully supported him when his girlfriend turned out to be pregnant.

Amelia adored her niece, Faye and vowed to protect her from the very beginning. As time went by, Amelia fell deeper and deeper into her work but would always spoil Faye and Alexander...he fell deeper in the darkness. He began to plot against Amelia, to betray her as he believed their love was long over but she hadn't realised. She was still madly in love with him. On the day of their six year anniversary, she went to see hi in their favourite spot and he greeted her like always but began to back away, acting as though he just wanted to observe her beauty. She smiled over at him and began to look at the scenery, enjoying the peace and then suddenly, a loud, familiar bang met her ears and a searing pain erupted from her shoulder. She fell to the floor, stunned and looked back at him and he blew the smoke away from his gun and tears sprung to her eyes. He told her how she always put him in the shadow and she was too good for the world, too good for him and if he wasn't good enough for her, he had to eliminate her. It felt like the only way to him. She tried to reason with, not forgetting that he didn't know about how armed to the teeth she was just in case they were attacked. She never thought once that he would attack her. She sneakily and silently got her own gun and pointed it towards him, tears streaming down her cheek and he could only laugh, about to shoot her again but as usual, she was always a split second quicker and the bullet went right in between his eyes. For magical people, their use of magic was limited as the power of a gun was addicting. She buried him there in an instant, the fighting professor having died only a few years before so he had no one but her. She made a headstone for him and took off her engagement ring, making it so she could lodge the ring into the headstone. She never returned.

Amelia went home, her face blank and emotionless but as soon as she entered the comforts of her home, tears returned. She lived with her brother, his girlfriend and her niece and for the first time in a long time, the house was silent and she began to look around, finding Faye in her crib just having woken up. She cradled her to her chest, frowning because Faye was never left alone and she looked in her brother's study, a room he hardly left and began to grow scared when he wasn't in there. She finally went into their room, holding Faye's head into her neck so she couldn't see whatever was beyond the door. And what she saw will haunt Amelia for the rest of her life. They had been slaughtered by Alexander no doubt and she now became Faye's guardian; the family burying Jacob and his girlfriend and without a second thought, moved Faye and herself to London where she would continue her contracts but more firmly as the alias 'Reaper'.

Unfortunately, Faye was haunted by nightmares and Amelia used a secret gift, Dream Manipulation. She was able to see Faye's dreams and would sit by her bed, stroking her long hair and would watch as the nightmares turned into sweet dreams. She doted over her, wanting to protect her and would often feel 'phantom pain' in her shoulder as a reminder of what he did. She didn't miss him, her soul burning with hatred at the thought of him.

[size=11]Amelia Darte Ruthfamhist

The Darte family is made up of Purebloods but it was ruined by Amelia's father sleeping with a lot of women. He slept with a mix of muggle and wizard but preferred muggle as they didn't know who his family was. Her mother is unknown, Amelia having searched years ago but she adored her life with her father and gave up. Despite her tough work, she always made time for her niece, Faye and her father. Faye is six now and she already knows how to take apart and put together gun..
Amelia Darte
Alias : Annie
Posts : 14
Blood Status : Halfblood
Occupation : Shop Owner, Assassin
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Faction : Anyone with Money
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Amelia Darte Empty Re: Amelia Darte

Post by Xenia Polzina on Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:52 pm

Amelia Darte Tomaccepted
Xenia Polzina
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