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Feeling Trapped (Open)

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Feeling Trapped (Open) Empty Feeling Trapped (Open)

Post by Arsen Lafayette on Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:47 am

Arsen really hated school mainly because he couldn't run free. There was too many rules and frankly he hated rules. He hated feeling like he was caged in wandering into the room of mysteries ha had a case of beer and a few bottles of hard liquor really did it matter if he was drunk. His father was drunk half the time since he became of legal age so why should he be sober. On top of that he was thrust into being the alpha of the original pack. He was going to just leAve the pack and go on his own. The elders of his tribe and pack told him he could leave though he would need to come back when they needed him. He would never truly be free. He sat down with his legs crossed in the middle of the room and opened the first bottle of vodka.
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Feeling Trapped (Open) Empty Re: Feeling Trapped (Open)

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:15 am

Maya didn't really have much to do today. Books didn't seem very interesting for her today and also all her friends seemed to have something else to do than hang out with her. So here she was wandering all around the school, trying to decided what to do. She soon walked into the room of mysteries. She hasn't been here much and just felt like she should go there. When she had walked in she noticed there a boy. "Hello," she said to the person. She really wasn't exactly sure who the boy was from first glance at him. She wasn't that good with remembering people faces. "If I disturb you too much then I can leave too," she added there. She now noticed the bottles of vodka too. "Wait you will drink them all alone?" she asked there now suddenly. She really wasn't the much of drinker herself, so she could be drunk already from half of bottle for sure.

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