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tell me why ((one-shot))

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tell me why ((one-shot)) Empty tell me why ((one-shot))

Post by Celeste Wong Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:22 pm

Hydra sat on top of a dilapidated bridge looking down at the river below he. She watched as the water rapidly made its way down to accelerate the torrent. She glanced up at the sky; seeing dark clouds roll by, she proceeded to stand on the bridge. Observing her surroundings, Hydra wondered what exactly she could do. Her boyfriend, Eric, hadn't contacted her in a few days which worried her. She had news to tell him. Sighing, she began to pace away from the bridge in the direction of Azkaban. She could find a point to apparate at there. He could just be really busy with work for all she knew. She then realized how ridiculous it'd be to just suddenly pop into Azkaban. Where should she try next? Oh! She knew that he went to the Everlight Pub from time to time. She could try looking for him there.

She apparated to Diagon Alley and began to head toward the Everlight Pub. She entered the restaurant and looked around. No sign of him there. Where could he be? Hydra exited the establishment and decided to might as well check his shack.

Hydra found herself stopped just a few feet away from the home.

"Are you Ms. Lam?" the man asked gloomily.

"Yes... Why..?" she responded unsure of what to think.

"I regret to inform you that Mr. Charleston has passed away."

She paused hearing that. "What do you mean that he has passed away? He couldn't have."

"Like I told you, miss, I regret to inform you that he has in fact passed away."

"How? When? Why?" Hydra wondered as she crossed her arms.

The man let out a sigh. "It is hard to tell the motivations behind the death, but he had been incinerated."

Upset, she pushed the man out of the way wanting to see it for herself.

"Miss, the sight would be heavy on you. I would advise against going in there."

Walking into the shack, Hydra fell on her knees spying the pile of ash and small fragments of bone.

He was gone.

She teared up as she picked up a clump of ash.

What was she going to do now?
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