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Ralph Nemis (WIP?)

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Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Empty Ralph Nemis (WIP?)

Post by Ralph Nemis on Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:40 pm

Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Image-placeholder

Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Ruthbas
Name: Ralph Nemis
Nicknames: GOD N/A
Titles: Dr.Ralph
Date of Birth: Ralph: 1996, July 7th / Nemis: Unknown
Age: Ralph: 24 / Nemis: Unknown
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Est: Spain
Current Home: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 14in, and who cares about the rest

Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Ruthappe
Hair Color: Ralph: green / Nemis: N/A
Hair Style: Ralph: smooth and fair length / Nemis N/A
Eye Color: Ralph: Blue / Nemis: Red
Body Type: Ralph: Slim and somewhat muscular / Nemis: Muscular and somewhat slim
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Other Distinguishing Features: Nemis has the head of a gargoyle usually, but can morph in other ways.
Clothing Style: Ralph wears outfits suited for exercise when he's not teaching in a suit, Nemis has no clothes.

Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Ruthper
Ralph and Nemis are GODS teachers at Hogwarts. They are also the best teacher you will ever meet editors of student profiles. In simple terms, GODS. They are not allowed to edit their own profile. Challenge ACCEPTED! That was not a challenge. The two have a tendency to mess with their students, and peers. Don't forget superiors. They dislike having trouble with trolling, and hate to be ignored. Of course, ignoring them is just a natural challenge, as the above paragraph demonstrates.

Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Ruthfam
Father's Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Status/Species: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Mother's Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Status/Species: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Siblings: none

Children: none

Spouses/Partners: none

Pets: none

Other Key Members: none

Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Ruthhist
Ralph is known to be handsome. from Spain. However he has hidden any other information. His claims have been more true than any official story. confirmed he is either crazy, or just obsessed with lying. This makes him questionable, however he has never shown truly harmful intent. He claims that he was "the big boy" in school as a child, but nothing confirms this notion.

Nemis is thought to be an almighty god. experimental life form. It's not clear what his background is, but he is clearly attached to Ralph. Nemis is theorized to be many thing, some even assume he's a shadow of Ralph himself. Others think he possessed Ralph. I totally could too.  Any experiments attempted on him usually ended with the experimenter in bruises. Serves them right! He has shown to be physically capable, and able to morph. This sometimes gives Ralph the power of flight, as he can form wings. The main reason the two still teach is because you can't get rid of us. the little magic they do have, and Nemis.

Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Ruthfamhist
No information, due to lack of given information...
Ralph Nemis
Hogwarts Professor
Alias :
Posts :
Blood Status :
Occupation :
history professor
Sexual Orientation :
Face Claim :
oh sehun

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Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Empty Re: Ralph Nemis (WIP?)

Post by James Potter on Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:21 pm

Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Tomaccepted

Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Keithgif12
James Potter
Gryffindor Sixth Year
Alias :
Posts :
Goes By :
Age :
Blood Status :
Occupation :
Sexual Orientation :
Closetedish Homosexual
Relationship Status :
Seeing Niall?
Faction :
Patronus :
Face Claim :
David Cassidy
Badges :
Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Capric10Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Great-10Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Gryffi10Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Music-10Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Pride10Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Toxic10Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Snowfl10Ralph Nemis (WIP?) Tent10

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