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Characters Wanted for Site Plot(s)!

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Characters Wanted for Site Plot(s)! Empty Characters Wanted for Site Plot(s)!

Post by Astraea Black on Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:07 pm

Due to how the main plot along with the many subplots that'll be on RUTH, we decided it'd be a good idea to request various groups we'd love to see and encourage making. This will be updated now and then, so don't be afraid to check often to see if there's anything that'll catch your eyes!

Characters Wanted for Site Plot(s)! Tumblr_lqqkf2okw61qionlvo3_500
Death Eaters
They are desperately needed, especially with the current arc of the main plot going on which involves them running the Ministry. The headquarters is located in Norway with Durmstrang's highmaster, Ivan Feofan, being the dark lord. It doesn't matter whether they were recruits, willingly joined, etc. Either way, they're wanted!

Characters Wanted for Site Plot(s)! Tumblr_mhwusjrqgL1qf2q2eo1_500
Order of the Phoenix Members
They're the other main faction in the main plot. They're basically needed to try to reclaim the Ministry from the hands of the Death Eaters. The headquarters are located in Grizedale Forest in England.

Characters Wanted for Site Plot(s)! Tumblr_lutfpaE0fP1qf4frdo1_500
Vampire Council Members
The members of the Vampire Council will play a rather big part in a subplot that features creatures. Not much detail of the subplot in particular won't be given other than there's a lot of tension. Council members tend to be very old in terms of how long they've existed and is mainly compromised of born vampires although some members are turned after proving their worthiness to have a seat. They are rather corrupt by often filtering various information that's given to those in vampire society, mainly those who are living within proximity of the Council's Castle in Rome, Italy.

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Characters Wanted for Site Plot(s)! Empty Re: Characters Wanted for Site Plot(s)!

Post by Athanasia on Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:01 pm

These groups are still desperately needed, so don't be afraid to join as one!
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