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Back In Time (Layla)

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Back In Time (Layla) Empty Back In Time (Layla)

Post by Doran Riddle on Fri Nov 27, 2020 1:10 am

Doran had immediately gotten to the closest floo after he found the chance on the island, because he had to find a way to Layla. He wasn't going to allow any of his family get ahold of her, and it was good to know he at least had Gabby on his side, and he had floo into the castle. He glanced around and sighed, as he had saw it was completely empty, and he went running.

Once he got to a place where he suspected, he shouted. "Layla! Are you here?" he promised he wouldn't hurt her, all he wanted to do was get to safety. It was the least he could do sure selling his family out had also had earned him all of this. "We need to leave!" he sighed.

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Back In Time (Layla) Empty Re: Back In Time (Layla)

Post by Layla Cartwright on Fri Nov 27, 2020 6:19 pm

Layla had spent the last few days in the room of requirement, where it was considered to be safe for the younger students. She had been lucky that she hadn't gone to Hogsmeade that weekend, but now she was incredibly worried about her siblings' whereabouts. It was like a bubble in there: nobody knew what was going on outside, and it was beginning to really get to her.

So she snuck out.

The corridors were very quiet. She thought, maybe, if she got to her dormitory and got her crystal, she could contact someone! But as she was entering the basement, a voice she recognised carried through the halls.

"Doran!" She yelped, spinning about and seeing him. She went running towards him, but as soon as she saw him, she stopped suddenly. That's right - Doran was a Riddle...

Although she never thought, in a million years, that he would ever be a Death Eater, Layla started to back slowly away from him. "What are you... doing here?" She asked, nervously, eyeing around the empty corridor.

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