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night song (katherine)

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night song (katherine) Empty night song (katherine)

Post by Fleur Weasley Fri Nov 20, 2020 8:56 am

Fleur had rushed out of the refuge with her husband after James told them about Victoire. Although she wasn't the best fighter, she wouldn't leave it to the responsibility of others to save her children. That was a Mother's prerogative.

Unfortunately she had already got separated from Bill following a surprise attack, and she (hesitantly) agreed to go ahead in search for their daughter. Bill said he could handle it.

She was afraid - of course she was. Memories of the first war sprung to mind, where their wedding was interrupted by Death Eaters. Now that she had been planning to renew her vows to Bill, this happened. It was as though their marriage was cursed!

She couldn't think that right now. As she sped through the streets and to the alcove between buildings that James specified, she turned about for a sign of her passed out daughter. "Victoire!" She tried calling, feebly, just in case she had come around and was trapped somewhere.

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