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Dueling Guide

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Dueling Guide Empty Dueling Guide

Post by Cherry Darling Wed Nov 11, 2020 7:24 pm

Duelling Guide

Please take into account your individual character's abilities, age and experience. It's unlikely that a third year knows all spells. Characters all have their strengths and weaknesses, and family backgrounds.


Most wizarding folk, no matter how powerful they are, won't be able to successfully cast an unforgivable. At most, the effects would be minor and a slap on the wrist when cast unsuccessfully. For an unforgivable to actually work, one has to genuinely mean it and want to cause serious harm as a result of it. It also is more successful in dark families where members have had years or even months of training in perfecting the curses. However, aurors also have a proficiency, especially longtime ones, in the casting of unforgivables due to necessitated use during previous wars and their training and studies.

Other Curses & Dark Arts

Fiendfyre - (Curse) A powerful and very advanced dark arts spell. Conjures a fiery animal that engulfs everything in its path. Very difficult to escape and control. Cannot be extinguished by normal means. Would take a powerful wizard to overthrow it.

Gytrash-conjuring spell - (Transfiguration) Conjures green Gytrashes from the wand, when used with oppugno (jinx) can attack a target. This is an advanced dark arts spell. Only powerful wizards would be able to cast this.

Oscausi - (Curse) Causes the target's mouth to temporarily vanish entirely, rendering them unable to speak.

Reducto - (Curse) Breaks objects into pieces. Advanced versions of the spell can disintegrate them.

Sectumsempra - (Curse) Cuts up the skin of the body, and is a pretty advanced spell. Some people won't be able to cast it severely, and merely give the target a few shallow cuts. Others will be able to get deeper wounds. A powerful wizard could easily kill someone using this method.

Serpensortia - (Transfiguration) Conjures snakes, can be used with oppugno. Probably favoured by darker wizards. Vipera Evanesca is the counter-spell.

Duelling Spells

Arresto Momentum - (Charm) Used to slow the velocity of a falling person.

Avis - (Transfiguration) Conjures birds. When used with oppugno (jinx), it can get the birds to attack a target.

Babbling Curse - (Curse) Used to make people talk gibberish. Handy if you don't want them saying spells.

Baubillious - (Hex) Bolt of white light from wand, used to damage or distract.

Bombarda Maxima - (Charm) Used to explode objects, but doesn't produce fire. Fairly advanced.

Cantis - (Jinx) Makes the target burst into song.

Colloshoo - (Hex) Sticks the target's shoes to the ground.

Confringo - (Curse) Used to explode objects into flame. Fairly advanced.

Confundo - (Charm) Confuses the target for a brief time.

Depulso - (Charm) Opposite of accio. Used to send objects flying towards someone.

Duro - (Transfiguration) Turns an object to stone.

Evanesco - (Transfiguration) Vanishes objects.

Everte Statum - (Hex) Throws a victim backwards.

Expelliarmus - (Charm) Disarms an opponent.

Flipendo (Duo and Tria) - (Jinx) The knockback jinx, causes opponent to fall back.

Glacius (Duo and Tria) - (Charm) Used to freeze objects.

Homing spell - (Jinx) This makes flying objects or spells home in on the target so they're more difficult to dodge. Quite advanced.

Horn tongue hex - (Hex) Transforms victim's tongue into a horn!

Immobulus - (Charm) Causes living things & objects to stop completely. Immobilise them.

Impedimenta - (Jinx) Slows target down.

Incarcerous - (Transfiguration) Casts ropes or chords to wrap around the target and bind them. Fairly advanced.

Incendio (Duo and Tria) - (Charm) Produces fire.

Locomotor Wibbly - (Curse) Jelly legs curse.

Langlock - (Jinx) Causes victims tongue to stick to the roof of their mouth.

Levicorpus - (Jinx) Pulls up the target by their ankles in mid-air. Liberacorpus is the counter-jinx.

Locomotor Mortis - (Curse) Sticks the victim's legs together.

Melofors - (Jinx) Encases victim's head in a pumpkin. Why not.

Mimblewimble - (Curse) Tongue-tying curse, causes people to be unable to speak properly or say incantations.

Obscuro - (Transfiguration) Casts a blindfold on the victim's eyes.

Oppugno - (Jinx) Used to make things attack a target. Usually used with other spells.

Petrificus Totalus - (Curse) The full body-bind curse.

Protego - (Charm) Shielding charm. This won't spare you from dark curses. However adding 'maxima' might reflect them. Maxima is quite advanced.

Reducto - (Curse) Breaks objects into pieces. Advanced versions of the spell can disintegrate them.

Rictusempra - (Charm) Tickling spell.

Salvio hexia - (Counter-hex) Protects against hexes. Quite advanced.

Silencio - (Charm) Silences target.

Spongify - (Charm) Makes an object rubbery and bouncy / soft.

Sternius - (Curse) Distraction tactic to make people sneeze a lot for a while.

Stinging Jinx - (Jinx) Causes a stinging sensation to the skin.

Stupefy - (Charm) Target is unconscious if this spell goes through.

Tarantallegra - (Jinx) Causes someone to burst into dance.

Trip Jinx - (Jinx) Self-explanatory.

Ventus (Duo and Tria) - (Charm) Blasts wind from the wand.

Healing Spells

Episkey - (Charm) Heals minor wounds completely, takes away some pain and discomfort.

Ferula - (Charm) Casts bandages to stem blood flow or splints to support injury.

Rennervate - (Charm) Counter-spell to Stupefy, which stuns the target.

Tergeo - (Charm) Used to clean wounds.

Vulnera Sanentur - (Charm) This stops blood flow and stitches wounds. Quite advanced.
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