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like mother like son (albus)

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like mother like son (albus) Empty like mother like son (albus)

Post by Ginny Potter on Tue Nov 10, 2020 1:04 pm

It hadn't been long since Ginny arrived at the school and started her new job of being healer. She hoped that her children had got used to the idea by now, particularly James, as he was the oldest and may have been concerned with his image around school. Albus... she didn't know. Perhaps he was okay with it.

She had just been cleaning up the hospital wing when she saw someone flying around the pitch outside. Was that Albus? She thought it was! As the hospital wing wasn't exactly overwhelmed at this point, she thought it would be okay to take a little break. Watching her son fly around the pitch was exciting! She'd never seen him properly play in a match before!

Rushing out to the pitch, Ginny walked out to the centre and looked up - shielding her eyes from the bright evening sun.

"Albus!" She called to him, smiling and waving.

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like mother like son (albus) Empty Re: like mother like son (albus)

Post by Albus Potter on Tue Nov 10, 2020 1:17 pm

Albus had been trying to prepare for the upcoming match. He was determined to win and have Slytherin win the cup. Sure it would bring some doubts, but he wanted to prove that Slytherin wasn’t that bad.

He had been hitting a few bludgers at various dummies, but was distracted by a voice that caused him to loose contact with the bludger and it caused him to duck. “Potter what the fuck.” shouted the other beater. “I’m sorry he shrugged.” He turned to see what the voice was a saw his mother.

His face went red and he decided to fly down and meet his mother. Why did she have to come to his practice, but he wasn’t going to judge parking his broom. He ran up and he asked, “Mum! What are you doing here? I could have killed someone.” he asked concerned.

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