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Consequences Information

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Consequences Information Empty Consequences Information

Post by Lochlan Riddle Sun Nov 08, 2020 2:53 pm

Consequences for non-DE / order sided

During this DE attack event, students will get away with using magic outside of Hogwarts, regardless of being underage. This is because it is an event of war, and the students will be forgiven for protecting themselves.

However, it's a bit more complex if a non-DE student (or adult character, except for Ministry) uses an unforgivable curse. If it is used as a last resort, in defence of certain death or major injury, they would be forgiven. If it is used just for kicks or to have some fun, however, they may be more dire consequences.

Consequences for DE characters

Please use the linked google doc or discuss with us before deciding your DE character's consequence. But here is a list of those known:


  • Avice Raywood
  • Deimos Lestrange
  • Discordia Lestrange
  • Lochlan Riddle


  • Cepheus Carrow
  • Jaromir Krol (break out)
  • Katherine Riddle (break out)
  • Matilda Riddle (possibly break out)
  • Medea Riddle (break out)


  • Athena Lestrange (gets caught later on, goes to azkaban, breaks out)
  • Damien Rosier (captures Raine Walsh and is in hiding for a long time, Ministry does not know of his involvement either)
  • Hades Lestrange (gets caught later on, goes to azkaban, breaks out)
  • Kane Rosier


  • Doran Riddle (defected during)
  • Gabriella Riddle (defected during)
  • James Potter (was under imperius curse)
  • Jason Heartbane (switches sides during)
  • Miriam Baptist (only joined DE for survival)
  • Persephone Nightshade (pregnancy and imperius curse claim)
  • Samara Dane (pregnancy and imperius curse claim)
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Consequences Information Empty Re: Consequences Information

Post by Malia Rossi Wed Nov 11, 2020 12:29 pm

Could Malia be put under The Imperious?
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