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Wolf Out! Empty Wolf Out!

Post by Stoneybridge Mayor Sat Nov 07, 2020 3:08 pm

Wolf Out! Wolf_Out_ad___Maddy_wolf_transformation

A non-monster wolf-shapeshifter roleplay, based on a TV show.

If you are looking for a low-pressure, character-oriented roleplay forum where your character can grow, and you can write storylines at your own speed, Wolf Out is perfect for you. We run our site with a no-guilt, 'real life comes first' approach that can suit any level of roleplayer, and with staff that wont give up, the site isn't going anywhere while you're busy. It's been open since 2014! On Wolf Out, we have a unique and easy earn-and-reward system where you can earn rewards simply by being active on the site or by writing posts – rewarding you for doing what you love.

Have no fear! With trial characters you can get your character set up today, and post them for up to three months while you work on their full application – plenty of time to get to know your new character and the site, or you can change your mind on your first character without losing lots of work.

Wolf Out is set in a small town in North England called Stoneybridge, but also shines a spotlight into the most remote parts of the Scottish Highlands. A little-known species called Wolfbloods try to keep their secret lives away from prying human eyes while attending school and living full teenage lives. Human teenagers are everywhere, curious and wanting to know everything about everybody's lives. Will you play a secretive Wolfblood or a curious human? Will you ever know the world's biggest secret?

Please visit our site now, by clicking any of the links below.

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