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one last look (nicoleta)

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one last look (nicoleta) Empty one last look (nicoleta)

Post by Luther Count Fri Nov 06, 2020 11:46 am

Strictly speaking, he wasn't supposed to be out on Hogwarts grounds. But the day was very clear, and quite warm, as spring seemed to have sprung on a few of the trees. Their blossoms were certainly appearing.

He had some work to do at the school on St Mungo's business, and should have left by now. But as the majority of students were in lessons, except some sixth- and seventh-years on a free period, Luther felt a bit rebellious. He wanted to see how the school grounds had changed. Clearly the groundskeeper was a bit lazy, because the lawn needed a good go-over. There were a lot more weeds around the bank of the lake as well, he noticed, as he walked up to it.

He smiled slightly. He remembered falling in that lake, as a Slytherin boy had pushed him. He also remembered wanting that same Slytherin boy to give him more attention like that...

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one last look (nicoleta) Empty Re: one last look (nicoleta)

Post by Nicoleta Miller Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:18 pm

Nicoleta had found that she enjoyed sitting by the lake when she had a free period. She didn't have much of a sense of freedom anymore. She felt like her every move was being watched, but being out on the grounds and having the cool breeze from the lake blowing into her face always gave her some semblance of freedom. And being that it was relatively chilly out at this time of the year, not many of the students ventured out. The cold didn't really bother Nicolette but she wore a coat and such anyway so that she would blend in.

She was sitting there on a blanket that she had brought outside with her, one of her textbooks open in her lap but she was barely paying any attention to the book. She was just enjoying the peacefulnes. That is until she heard someone approaching the tree where she sat. It was hiding her from view of the castle, so it wasn't a surprise that she hadn't been seen. Until she saw just who it was looking out over the lake. "Luther?" She had made sure to check around her, making sure no one would see her speaking to him before she had said his name in that soft voice. What was he doing here?

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