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Sketchers and Musicians (Open)

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Sketchers and Musicians (Open) Empty Sketchers and Musicians (Open)

Post by Siobhan Finnigan Fri Nov 06, 2020 8:30 am

Sibby never been one for breaking rules unless it required something for her art. Tonight did and it meant she had to get some etchings from some of the instruments. Not exactly sure that count as breaking rules, but tonight she needed to something. She decided that he best time to this would be at night as she knew the schools would be running with Ministry Officials. That's all she needed, and she got her wand once she was at the door, "Alohomora " she whispered as she got into the room.

Shutting the door quietly behind her she looked around and sighed. This was going to get her an detention and she didn't care surely Professor Jackson would understand. As her project required etchings and it was one of the few things she could use to find them. She snuck into the back where she saw some old ones, and she got on one knee, and began doing an etching. Getting up she ended up bumping into one of the old symbols, and it fell over, and it made a huge sound.

Shit was the first thing on her mind. She was going to get caught.
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