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Lakeesha Miller

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Lakeesha Miller Empty Lakeesha Miller

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:12 pm

Lakeesha Miller Pretty-little-liars-emily-smile-smirk

Lakeesha Miller Ruthbas
Name: Lakeesha Anette Miller
Nicknames: Kesha
Titles: N/A
Date of Birth: 12th November 1997
Age: 23
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Hometown: England, London
Current Home: London, Hogwarts
Nationality: British
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 11 inches, unicorns tail, Oak

Lakeesha Miller Ruthappe
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Loose,  Curly
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Slim
Height: 165 cm
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: She wears everything but mostly you see her in skinny jeans, blouse, jacket and high heels.

Lakeesha Miller Ruthper
She is very friendly and kind woman. She is very loyal towards the people who she truly trust, mostly she trust her brother and his family. She trust her some friends too but not truly, since yeah she have some issues trusting her friends, since she never know when they can turn her back to her again. She is very brave, she is not afraid of nothing, she always likes to try new things. She is very intelligente also too, she likes to learn also new things too.

Lakeesha Miller Ruthfam
Father's Name: Charles Miller
Age: 62
Blood Status/Species: Halfblood
Status: Deceased

Mother's Name: Amanda Miller (nee Johnson)
Age: 61
Blood Status/Species: Halfblood
Status: Deceased

Name: Nathan Miller
Age: 31
Relation: Brother
Status: Living
Blood Status/Species: Halfblood

Name: Laura Miller
Age: 29
Relation: Brother
Status: Deceased
Blood Status/Species: Halfblood

Other Key Members:
Name: Natalia Miller (nee Hemingway)
Age: 30
Relation: Brother's wife
Status: Living
Blood Status/Species: Halfblood

Name: Melissa Miller
Age: 10
Relation: Brother's daughter
Status: Living
Blood Status/Species: Halfblood

Lakeesha Miller Ruthhist
Lakeesha was born as third child in her family. She had always good life. Girl parents always gave her what she wanted. Also her older siblings loved her even if they were few years older than her. They even had family trips together.

Kesha had always knows who she was and that's she will go to Hogwarts one day too like her older siblings. Of course around of ages of five she began to show signs of magic here. So then she was already quite excited about going to Hogwars, she couldn't wait it.

Years passed and she became finally eleven. She really was excited to know what house she will be. She was sorted into he Ravenclaw house. Her sister was Gryffindor and her brother had already graduated when she joined, he was Slyherin. So all kids wen to different houses and also they were quite different from personality really.

Before her second year started there was car accident in her family. To specific car accident. Kesha was in he car with her parents and sister. One drunken driver did cause it actually, not her parents. Her brother was at that moment out with her girlfriend, soon to be wife. How Lakeesha survived he accident is still miracle to everyone. Too be honest girl was in coma for few weeks even. She had way too many serious injuries but they all did heal in some point. So girl lived her life ever since then again.

Even if she had lost all her friends. She had lost everything expect her brother, who was there for her for sure. Also her brother soon to be wife was there for Kesha. They still get along quite fine. A year after accident her brother and his girlfriend had a baby girl. Which meant that she became aunt in age of 13. A few months later Nathan (her brother) and Natalia (her sister-in-law) finally married. They wanted to do it earlier but didn't had a right time.

So over years Kesha became more likely a book worm at times. She loved to spent time alone and read. She in some point came over of this stage. It happened end of her school years. After she graduated with good grades she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. So she spent few yesrs figuring it out. At the end she became a professor, teaching about Magical Creatures. She even managed to become head of Ravenclaw house.

Lakeesha Miller Ruthfamhist
Millers have been always halfbloods. They may be some purebloods but they mostly have died out since people marry more and more with halfbloods or muggles or muggleborns.
Kesha and Nathan's family are last Millers who exist, at least they thought so.

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Lakeesha Miller Empty Re: Lakeesha Miller

Post by Godwine Glasscock on Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:15 pm

Lakeesha Miller Tomaccepted
Godwine Glasscock
Hogwarts Professor
Alias : Xaria
Posts : 14
Blood Status : Pureblood
Occupation : professor/drag queen
Sexual Orientation : Homosexual
Faction : neutral
Face Claim : bendelacreme

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