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The State of Wizarding Technology

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The State of Wizarding Technology Empty The State of Wizarding Technology

Post by Elysia Mort on Fri Oct 30, 2020 11:28 am

Wizarding Tech on RUTH


Muggles, muggleborns and those with muggle influence in their families (e.g. their Dad is a muggle) probably do own a smartphone. It's the 2020s after all. That being said, these don't work properly in areas with a lot of magic (Hogsmeade, Diagon, The Ministry, etc) and won't even turn on at Hogwarts.

The only boy who managed to get around that, to date, is Cernunnos Largo!

Those who come from all-wizard families are very unlikely to have phones. They only types of people who have them would be muggle fanatics (think Arthur Weasley), who view them more as a collectible.


Again with the above: muggles, muggleborns and muggle-influenced wizards probably have social media accounts. As they are wizards, however, they probably don't use them as much as muggles do.

We don't want to see any characters being made on this site who are social media stars or are striving to be that. It just won't work well in this universe and should be something left for real life sites.


As with the past century or so, besides live performances, the main method of music consumption was through vinyl records. Until about two decades ago, the wizarding world could only listen to their own creations and muggle music that was pressed on shellac and wax cylinders. Advancements in music technology have allowed wizarding folk to consume much more music than ever before both magical and muggle. Instead of the old windup gramophones of years past, there are more modern turntables to be used. This allows for vinyl of any RPM (rounds per minute) to be played with no issue. It only took decades, but now the experience of listening to records is more efficient with the turntables being powered by magic than electricity or having to be manually operated.

The wizarding world, in Britain at least, had only just adapted the use of cassettes in the past few years for ease of listening wherever. Being magnetic, the cassette itself was easy to adjust for magical use. The only issue was the players for such a listening format. With the help of Arthur Weasley's collection of muggle artifacts, a device based on the Sony Walkman called Audire was created. Audire, meaning to hear in Latin, was made specifically to listen to music on-the-go without the worry of carrying around records and a player suitable for spinning them. Some of the first magical releases to be pressed on cassette are Celestina Warbeck's entire catalog up to that point and the Weird Sisters' first few albums.

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