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Maverick Cartwright

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Maverick Cartwright Empty Maverick Cartwright

Post by Maverick Cartwright on Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:19 pm

Maverick Cartwright Tumblr_o2bcdh3xux1rgs59qo1_1280


Name: Maverick Cartwright
Nicknames: Mav
Date of Birth: November 1, 2003
Age: 16
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Current Home: Swansea, England
Nationality: American-Italian
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 12.5" Madrona with phoenix feather core


Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style: Curly, usually kept neat, though.
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Muscled, streamlined
Height: 6'2
Other Distinguishing Features: n/a
Clothing Style: Muggle clothing, he hates robes and will only wear them for classes. T-shirts, jeans, jackets, can't go wrong with a good flannel.


If the Cartwrights were thought to be the perfect family, then Maverick was definitely seen as the perfect son. From a young age, he found that he had a love for sports. Any kind of sports he could join in on. Anything from muggle football and basketball all the way up to quidditch. Though, football and quidditch were definitely his top two. His father was able to pull some strings to get him on muggle teams when he was younger and he excelled at just about any sport he tried.

No one realized that he threw himself into these sports so that he didn't have to be home. Things were seemingly perfect in the Cartwright household. And compared to many, they were really good. But their father was never home and he didn't particularly see eye to eye with his mother because she seemed to only care about them when there were cameras around. When cameras were around, they had to act like the perfect family. And they did. But behind closed doors, it was just two parents who were more concerned with their own lives and being successful than truly being there for their children.

He stuck with the sports even after moving to England for their father's new position. He was actually away at a game when the attack happened that left them thinking that their father was dead and left Emery forever changed. He'd never forgive himself for not being there to look out for his younger sister. Maybe he would have been able to protect her if he had been there. But he hadn't, and it was something he would always have to live with. He tries to make up for it by looking after his sisters the best he can now. But he knows he has to have his own life too.

He hates having to talk about what happened the night their father 'died' and hates, even more, the fact that it has lead to him and Hazel being promised to be married off. He can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, using short answers if he doesn't feel like talking to someone, sometimes can be passive-aggressive... But he isn't a huge jerk, not always. He does make friends pretty easily and is determined and hard-working but he can also hold a grudge with the best of 'em.

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Maverick Cartwright Empty Re: Maverick Cartwright

Post by Cherry Darling on Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:24 pm

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