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Claudette Vikonnol

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Claudette Vikonnol Empty Claudette Vikonnol

Post by Claudette Vikonnol Thu Oct 22, 2020 6:26 pm

Claudette Vikonnol 636214621096970323-oliviaholt3


Name: Claudette Vikonnol
Nicknames: (If any)
Date of Birth: February 28, 2004
Age: 16
Blood Status: Half-Vampire
Hometown: London, England
Current Home: London, England
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 10.5" White Pine with Griffin claw core


Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Long, usually slightly wavy but almost always in place.
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Slim build
Height: 5'3
Other Distinguishing Features: n/a
Clothing Style: She likes to dress nicely. Not to the point where she looks like she is always going somewhere special, but nice enough that she always looks well put together.


Claudette is the youngest child of Varian Vikonnol. She grew up surrounded by older siblings in her father's household despite the fact that none of them had the same mother. From a very young age, Claudette has been a serious child. She has always been a kind and compassionate child as well but she doesn't so much give into fantasy like many children do. She is observant and she has realized from a very young age that there is a rift between their adoptive mother and their father. Sure, the woman raised them but Claudette always wondered if she resented the fact that she hadn't been the one to give birth to them. They would have been full vampire if she were their mother seeing as Daisy and Varian were both vampires but their children are only half.

So, Claudette grew up knowing full well about vampires and how they lived. That was just part of her life. The movies that muggles came up with about them always amused her to no end. As if her father would really spend his nights in a coffin! It was preposterous. But she did find that she liked them for their amusement factor. She also had a love for just about any sort of muggle horror movie. Some of her favorite books consisted of anything by Stephen King.

In school, Claudette is almost always a step ahead where her classes are concerned. She tends to have all of her assignments perfectly and neatly done days before they are due if at all possible. She actually rather enjoys her classes and strives to do her best so not to draw her father's attention in a negative way. It was sometimes difficult having your father as one of your professors. She knew that she had to be on her best behavior, not that she was someone who got in trouble often anyway.
Claudette Vikonnol
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Claudette Vikonnol Empty Re: Claudette Vikonnol

Post by Victoire Weasley Thu Oct 22, 2020 6:30 pm


Claudette Vikonnol Giphy
So I'm a little left of center
I'm a little out of tune
Some say I'm paranormal
So I just bend their spoon
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