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Menial tasks. (open)

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Menial tasks. (open)  Empty Menial tasks. (open)

Post by Damian Rosier Tue Oct 20, 2020 1:07 pm

Damian was not looking forward to spending his day off running errands that he really cared little about. He would much rather spend it drinking in some pub or even popping down to Blackrock and spending time on the beach. But alas, he had things that he needed to do. It seemed that when he had apparated to the market that even the weather reflected his mood. It was a dreary day, bitter cold that seemed to seep into your very bones as one walked down the street. But he just muttered a simple warming charm and got about with his business. The first thing he needed to do was drop off that bloody watch that wouldn't seem to keep time no matter how many times he wound it or resat it. He was pretty sure it was faulty and he also knew that the clock shop would make it right. The purchase had been made at their shop, after all. It wasn't his fault they had sold him a faulty timepiece.

He walked into the store and said his peace to the person behind the counter who apologized profusely and assured him that they would make it right. He had nodded, trusting that it would be done. Then he went to leave just as someone else entered through the door, nearly running into him as he was on his way out.
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