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Amuse me. (Roxanne)

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Amuse me. (Roxanne) Empty Amuse me. (Roxanne)

Post by Amara Jordan on Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:19 pm

Amara was feeling a little disappointed in the experience she was having here at the festival this year. She had been particularly excited to spend most of her time hanging out in the jacuzzi and showing off her bikini... But the jacuzzi had been full of adults and she had to be on her best behavior. How dull could you be? Then there was the fact that even someone like Faye Phiera was getting more attention there than she was. Had the world gone completely mad? Amara was beginning to think that she was in some alternate universe or something where nothing really made sense. It was annoying. So, she had left the jacuzzi and decided that she would find somewhere else that her presence would be appreciated. That couldn't be too hard. Who wouldn't want to spend time with her? No one, that's who.

She took a quick drink from the flask she had hidden in her bag, needing just a little drink before she went out and faced the world. The whiskey burnt as she swallowed, but it was a good burn and she felt more optimistic, less annoyed just from that one small thing. Then she began walking around the festival, looking for a friend or two to hang out with. Maybe someone to sneak off with and have a smoke or drink with later, who knows?

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