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Old Times Gone (Theodore)

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Old Times Gone (Theodore) Empty Old Times Gone (Theodore)

Post by Adam Flint on Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:09 am

Adam was visiting the Ministry for one of his classes where he was supposed to do some studying with the Department of Regulation Control of Magical Creatures. It was one of his favorites, because he was to be in a way helping them and try to figure out how he can. It was like learning the ethics of that subject, and Adam was all for it.

Creatures were his best friends.

The college student had been on break and decided that he'd go to the Atrium. It was a good way to see a girl and flirt with here, as well as having some delicious coffee. All being some of his most favorite drinks to drink on a work day and he was taking it all in. He had arrived and ordered himself a simple mocha, and decided to sit down, and do some relaxing.

It was nice to watch everyone go in and out of the ministry.

@Theodore Nott

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