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House Decor Shopping (Claudia)

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House Decor Shopping (Claudia) Empty House Decor Shopping (Claudia)

Post by Sadie Cavendish on Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:51 am

Sadie was ringing in the month of January with some shopping. Sure she should have been doing this right after the new year started so it was bound to happen. She decided to let Parker take Archer for the day so that she could some shopping and she wanted to give him a present. He was a fussy one and a new gift was always going to make him happy or so she believed.

The female got a muggle cart and began shopping in one of the stores. It was a store that she knew had a pretty good review, and she liked that. Pushing the cart down the aisle she got various things, and it was a shock that she had muggle money, but she did. It didn't take much for her to find a wizard who was willing tot trade galleons for some muggle money. It's how she got by.

Going down an aisle that involved Valentine's Day, the female sighed. She was in love, but she often felt like she was the only one pulling wait. The two were fucking a lot and all she wanted was to try to get a schedule and spend time with Archer together, not just when he was asleep. She sighed as she pushed the cart hoping to buy some really good things.

@Claudia Morais

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