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Carmen, Carmen (Jovian)

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Carmen, Carmen (Jovian) Empty Carmen, Carmen (Jovian)

Post by Hazel Cartwright on Sat Oct 17, 2020 1:25 am

Hazel was having mixed feelings about having the same tent as Jovian. Sure she hoped it could be a chance for them to bond and have their first experience of living together. The Hufflepuff was more than likely the one who was more thrilled for this plan for the night. She didn't intend to sleep with Jovian, but she had hoped the two could have some time bond together.

She had taken the liberty of spending the entire day making it look presentable. Whenever he got here she wanted to surprise him and make him happy. Tired of his remarks, she wanted him to know that she could be a good wife, and also have a successful career. Sure Hazel was going to put her father's wishes above the needs of Jovian, but she needed to do her wife duty.

Once everything was set she did some charmwork to make it look nice. This year would be a big year and she was ready to see all that it could bring, and had a feeling now that she was going to be turning 18 in a couple weeks, the talks of her wedding would be approaching. So tonight she liked to believe would be a test and she intended to pass this test.

@Jovian Medina

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Carmen, Carmen (Jovian) Empty Re: Carmen, Carmen (Jovian)

Post by Jovian Medina on Tue Oct 20, 2020 9:32 am

Jovian agreed to have a tent with Hazel during the festival. Although he thought it was slightly inappropriate given the fact they weren't married, he decided to humour Hazel as long as he kept it a secret from his parents.

The festival wasn't something he was particularly inspired by. Needless to say, not a lot inspired him. Deadpan and excruciatingly difficult to read: Jovian clearly went about the world in a way that he felt was right but just about everyone else thought was wrong.

Entering the tent, his eyes turned about the place wordlessly. He looked at Hazel, and his eyes moved down the length of her. His expression was cold like stone. Still, he thought she looked very nice. Pleasing to say the least.

"You've been busy." He said flatly, taking a seat and stretching his legs out.

@Hazel Cartwright
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