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Post by Kane Rosier on Fri Oct 16, 2020 11:36 pm

The Rosiers are a family that appear to be perfect from the outside. They appear to be a happy family, the type that anyone would aspire to be a part of. Only, it's all for show. Their parents can barely even look at each other after it came out that their father had had an affair that had resulted in Damian being born. They are also a part of the Death Eaters, it is something that is just expected of the children when they graduated. The children all know that Damian is actually their half-sibling, not an unfortunate distant relative that their parents took in out of the goodness of their heart and how they feel about Damian is completely open! Though, Damian was raised with them from the time he was three.

Briana Rosier - 27-30 - She was the first born but she was born sickly, how she was sickly is completely up to whoever takes her! Also whether she has continued to be sickly or whether it was something she grew out of is up to you.

Kane Rosier- 25 - the heir of the Rosier family, an Obliviator and Death Eater.

Damian Rosier- 24 - Half sibling to the other Rosier children, the result of an affair their father had while away on business. He is a healer in the bite unit at St. Mungo's and a Death Eater.

Sloan Rosier - 23 - The youngest son of the Rosier brood, his career, personality, and such are up to you! It would be expected of him to become a Death Eater but if you want to go a different way with him then I'm happy to plot things!

Riannon Rosier - 21 - Mrs. Rosier was pregnant with her when Damian was dropped on their doorstep. She is the youngest of the Rosier children and she never would have even been born if Mrs. Rosier had found out about Damian just a couple of months earlier since she hadn't had an actual relationship with her husband since. Everything about her is completely open otherwise!
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