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Coven of Vampires

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Coven of Vampires Empty Coven of Vampires

Post by Kieran Count on Fri Oct 16, 2020 3:23 pm

This is going to be the Count family, they're royal vampires having been born in the 1600s and are still alive and kicking to this very day. The Count family have been running from vampire hunters who're trying to kill them off and in the 1800s the youngest of the Count clan was murdered by hunters and Kieran blames himself since the two were out the night that the youngest of the clan was killed. It was a hard life for them after that and since then have built up a hatred for all hunters. They took one of their own and they will pay with their lives.

So here is the family of Kieran, Kieran is the third born out of five but since one is deceased there will only be four children remaining, Kieran is 17 and in Hogwarts even though he is far from a teenager, the oldest of the Count children is betrothed to @Nicoleta Miller but no one in the family knows that the oldest is a closet gay and wants his betrothed to be happy with his younger brother Kieran who he had ordered to be the body guard of Nicoletta. Here is my Profile for Kieran if anyone wants to read the backstory.

Damien Count - 696 - Born in 1325 - Vampire by birth - King - Father of the Count Children - Open FC/Personality

Ambrosia Count - 607 - Born in 1414 - Turned by Damien - Queen - Mother of the Count children - Open FC/Personality

Luther Count - 379 - Born in 1642 - Vampire by birth - Prince/Heir - Oldest of the Count children - Open FC/Personality - Homosexual (Closeted)

Celeste Count - 372 - Born in 1649 - Vampire by birth - Princess - Second oldest of the Count children - Open FC/Personality

Kieran Count - 355 - Born in 1665 - Vampire by birth - Prince - Third oldest of the Count Children - Dominic Sherwood - Taken by me!

Rodolfo Count - 352 - Born in 1669 - Vampire by birth - Prince - Fourth oldest of the Count children - Open FC/Personality
Kieran Count
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Dominic Sherwood

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