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Breaking Curfew (Lakelyn)

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Breaking Curfew (Lakelyn) Empty Breaking Curfew (Lakelyn)

Post by Hazel Cartwright on Wed Oct 14, 2020 9:45 pm

Hazel was doing some prefect rounds tonight and she was doing it as an attempt to forget about Jovian, and how his distance was annoying her. What was wrong with trying to get along? Like did he have to make her feel a certain way yet she loved him too. She loved that and she knew it was best to get over it and try to live her life, and nothing he said will stop that.

She didn't spend seven years working her ass off only to be cast aside.

Even her mother told her she was no housewife, but she needed this marriage to imrpove things. The Hufflepuff was going to make the most of this and her prefect duties were reminding her just what she was trying to do with her life. Even if that meant disappointing she was still going to college and pursuing her career in government that wasn't going to change.

Jovian had to deal with it. Her thoughts left her walking and trying to not think about it as she walked through the halls, but heard footsteps. "You know it's after curfew right?" called the prefect.

@Lakelyn Munroe

Breaking Curfew (Lakelyn) AAAiVPe
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