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Cepheus Carrow

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Cepheus Carrow  Empty Cepheus Carrow

Post by Cepheus Carrow on Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:49 pm

TW: Violence, Homophobia, Heavy Emotional Abuse

Cepheus Carrow  19cb6effe3d4096dd68dd9df067b5f7392bb30af


Name: Cepheus Hermes Carrow
Nicknames: Ceph
Date of Birth: April 28, 2004
Age: 16
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Rye, England
Current Home: Rye, England
Nationality: English-Greek
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Wand: 11 inches, Birch, Dragon Heartstring


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: His hair is short and messy by default. Although he tends to keep it well-combed and often like to styles his hair.
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: Skinny
Height: 5.11
Other Distinguishing Features: His light blue eyes.
Clothing Style: Cepheus tends to wear a lot ripped jeans and t shirts. As well as any clothing that might be in fashion at the time. He doesn't do the traditional wizard garb.


The manor was decently sized enough and Cepheus felt his back thrown against the wall by his father who came home drunk and found Cepheus fucking his friend. The pain dug into him with so many pins and he tried to fight back tears. “What the fuck is wrong with you? You don’t fuck guys!” he said as he punched him in the face. Once the fist slammed into his face, he could feel his jaw slowly breaking.

God you’d think after being punched it would stop.

He didn’t get what the problem was, the house was his, and therefore that made him the man of the house, and he needed to get wet. His father didn’t fully understand it and it made Cepheus hate him as he continued to be punched, and he was going to let him until he got the third hit, and Cepheus was going to pound him. “I fuck guys, because I like it in my ass.” he shouted as the words made his father cringe, “What is the fun of fucking so many woman, and having too many kids from that?” he taunted.

That statement got another punch, and Cepheus grabbed a hold of his father, and threw him against the other wall. “I can play the game too father.” he said punching the man straight in his face hoping it made something break. He deserved it, because he was a coward who couldn’t stay and let the world now the purists were back. “How does it feel to be a tortured father?” he said as he punched him more and more. His father was cruel and so was Cepheus, but at least Cepheus knew how to play his cards.

It was no lie that his father praised his older siblings more than him. Both having been born at the start of the second war, and his favorites. Even if both of them held secret lives, and his sister didn’t value purism like he did. His brother was too dumb and couldn’t tell a squib from a muggle, and it was sickening.

Yet his younger sister knew purism like him. And was accepting of his state and Cepheus hated every inch of his father. As his father got back and grabbed him, and banged him against the glass cabinet, and the glass shattered. The pain was real, and I punched him harder, and with that my father let go and he said.

“You’re lucky I loved your mother.” he said as he looked at him. “Because if it wasn’t for you faggot ass would be on the street. The only people who are gay are muggles, and they are filith just like you.” he said as he walked away, “Just wait until your eighteen, and I will have the old DE destroy and kill any one of your friends.” he said walking away.

A chuckle, “Yeah if they actually sent you an owl.”

His father had nobody, and liked to believe he did. But Cepheus had plans to make his father pay, because he was smarter, and if any of the siblings were to run this whole thing it would be Cepheus, because he had the grades. The only smart one, but who even cared, just because he liked a guy it was wrong.

Cepheus was going to show him though.
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Cepheus Carrow  Empty Re: Cepheus Carrow

Post by Aquila Malfoy on Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:57 pm


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