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Lesson One - Outside England (3-5)

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Lesson One -  Outside England (3-5) Empty Lesson One - Outside England (3-5)

Post by Hanna Skarbek on Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:38 pm

Hanna had a fun lesson in mind for this particular class. She knew many kids weren't aware of the other schools and wizards that came with this great world. Many people were foreigners, and it was a break from the usual stuff that came with the middle years. Standing she leaned against her desk and crossed her arms as she waited for the rest of class to file into the classroom.

She was excited to teach about the other schools.

All she hoped was that they were all just as excited about it as she was. The wizarding world was huge and it was about time these kids knew all about how amazing that world was and she planned on enhancing their knowledge about the other schools.
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