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How Charming (Open)

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How Charming (Open) Empty How Charming (Open)

Post by Avice Raywood on Wed 14 Oct - 16:01

Today Avice was taking a rare trip to Knockturn Alley for some business. She needed to pick up the receipt for a rare artifact that was housing creatures. Her husband was far too stupid to keep it discreate, not matter the love she had for that man. The man was a fool, and she was far more suited for this task, and today she wore her best traveling outfit.

Entering the dark and sinister alley, Avice headed straight for the shop. Taking a look around she had been hoping no one was in sight of her right now. She couldn't deal with sort of dent to her appearance, and she did not feel like having to explain anything to the incompetent headmistress.

winning the game takes controlling a fool
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