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High Enough (Samantha)

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High Enough (Samantha) Empty High Enough (Samantha)

Post by Kyler Cartwright on Wed Oct 14, 2020 11:49 am

Ky was not one for going to bars for the hell of it. She had a career that constantly kept her and being apart of this work destination to improve relationships. The reporter was not liking it, but she also didn't really get to see her siblings, but she heard too many thngs.

She was sitting and drinking some White Rat Whiskey, and it was not her type of drink. But tonight she did not want to have her usual. Too much on her mind to think about, and plus it wasn't going to be getting her the effect she generally wanted whenever she was going out. It's why she barely went to bars, but here she was and it was not her type of thing.

Putting her head in her hands, she kept drinking. This was not a good luck, but she wanted some kind of drink to make her feel on edge tonight. Although she really felt like she could use some company, and as that thought came, she got up, and then by accident knocked over a drink, and she looked, and she said with a huge sigh. "I'm so sorry." this was not good.

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the story of a pawn who couldn't see the game
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