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Ksenia Krol

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Ksenia Krol Empty Ksenia Krol

Post by Ksenia Krol on Tue Sep 15, 2020 4:20 pm

Ksenia Krol India-eisley-adolescence-promoshoot-february-2019-10


Name: Ksenia Katarzyna Krol
Nicknames: Sena
Titles: Hunter
Date of Birth: October 10, 1999
Age: 21
Blood Status: Halfblood
Hometown: Slupsk, Poland
Current Home: Orkney, Scotland
Nationality: Polish
School: Former Slytherin at Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 11, pine, unicorn hair


Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Usually straight, sometimes curls it but for only special occasions. Hair is passed her shoulders almost to her elbows.
Eye Color: Icy blue
Body Type: Skinny, but has muscle from working out
Height: 5,3
Other Distinguishing Features: None
Clothing Style: Usually in heels but also wears a lot of combat boots and leather. Usually looking badass when she goes on hunts. When she is not hunting she is in the typical sweats or yoga pants with a shirt. Has party outfits for when she goes out.


What can I say here? Um... hi? Nah! Too lame! Let me just spare everyone the details and just tell you how I am today? Okay?! Great! I'm Sena, don't call me by my real name which is... None of your damn business. Only blood relatives can call me by my real name and even then I hate it. Anyway, I just turned twenty-one, yay right?! Nope! Wrong. I am not really a fan of my birthday, I prefer to sit in front of the telly and stuff my face... *gasps* The horror right? Anyway! I have a younger brother and a father, it's okay I guess but I would have preferred to be an only child, even if sometimes I do like my brother.

Yes like, he has his annoying moments but the most annoying thing in this world are those pathetic creatures that should be banished or extinct. Yes you got that right, I'm a creature hater, would prefer if this stupid wizarding world would just off them already but no! I have to do it. I lace up my boots or my heels and I do the job that everyone swears is not necessary. Vampires are definitely the worse, even though I don't like any of the creatures, I could really handle living in the world with werewolves more.

Now! I won't go all gruesome because I know the world and not everyone can handle what I've done in life, hell I can't even go into extreme detail because of the pansys out there who can't stomach it, but enough of me being me.. My best work that I've done was take a werewolf's love and lets just say... That same werewolf was mailed their organs.. Cool right? I think so.

Ksenia Krol
Alias : Caroline
Posts : 3
Goes By : Sena
Age : 21
Blood Status : Halfblood
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual
Relationship Status : Single
Faction : Depends
Patronus : Tiger
Face Claim : India Eisley

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Ksenia Krol Empty Re: Ksenia Krol

Post by Killian Phiera on Tue Sep 15, 2020 4:27 pm

Killian Phiera
Hufflepuff Sixth Year
Alias : Xaria
Posts : 39
Goes By : Ian
Age : 16
Blood Status : Muggleborn
Occupation : Student
Sexual Orientation : Closeted Homosexual
Relationship Status : Single
Faction : Neutral
Patronus : Non-corpeal
Face Claim : Chris Colfer

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