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Post by supernova on Wed Sep 09, 2020 6:15 pm

On March 21 2000, a spectacular meteor shower lit up the sky, dropping hundreds of small meteorites across the British Isles and the northern coast of France. Eleven years later, the true extent and delayed consequences of that cosmic event rippled through the Wizarding World with the emergence of 'Meteor Muggles' and 'Wild Magic' alike.

These meteor-touched individuals who possess 'powers' separate from regular magic, or their lack thereof, continue to inspire clashing opinions and growing discontent, which threatens to divide the magical community beyond petty unrest and simmering tensions.

Meanwhile, the new generation of the Wizarding World has fully embraced the incorporation of Science and Technology into common, everyday use and ongoing magical research; but at what cost to the old-fashioned traditions upheld by the previous generations?

Join us in this Post-Potter roleplay, as we build a character-driven plot that promises to unravel piece by piece with additional lore and exciting, monthly site-wide events.

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