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the state of nirvana (open)

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the state of nirvana (open) Empty the state of nirvana (open)

Post by Tilda Raywood on Fri Sep 04, 2020 7:25 pm

Tilly made her way to the Room of Requirement to smoke a joint after one of her rounds. She hated just how rude kids could be and how they had no respect. Sure she understood as being a kid was probably one of the hardest things to be and living with expectations made it worse.

She entered and had performed a locked charm so no one got in, she didn’t need her mother knowing she was smoking pot while being a prefect. It just wasn’t natural and she soon lit it as she went back and leaned her head against the wall, and smoked. Got she loved to smoke and hoped no one would come and make that harder on her than it had to be.
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