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Post by NTR Stadd on Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:56 am

[align=center]Never To Return Simplebanner
[align=justify]Never To Return is an active, modern set, semi-canon, alternate universe Harry Potter RPG set in the year 2042. The wizarding world has known peace for over 60 years, but there are troubles ahead with whispers of a second salem circulating in the darkest corners of the world. Wizard kind is rumored to be dying out while muggle numbers continue to climb. As the Ministry scrambled to rally their forces, there was another lingering in the shadows who worked to achieve The Greater Good. There were rumors about a woman, a legacy thought lost to history, whose name strikes both admiration and fear into the hearts of those who dare seek her out. Join us in this critical moment when magic is slipping through the cracks of time, where the heir apparent of a name thought lost seeks to restore the magical race and prevent them from further dying out. The old words of Gellert Grindelwald will forever live on through his heir. Her revival of the old Alliance will rally people to a new cause and a better way, a united front of magical strength to combat the changing of the times. Dive into a world of new mystery, mythology and favorite villains. Immerse yourself in a world where evil wears a new face, where unforeseen terrors lurk in the shadows even beyond the magical world. Join a world where evil creeps beyond the old tales of DE and Order battles and into the hands of those meant to protect the innocent. Magical kind preying upon their own is just the beginning of a grand scale corruption that will shake the world to its core. Which side will you choose? Will you fight for wizarding supremacy, or remain as you are? Choose wisely but remember, even the hunters can become prey.

We welcome you all! NTR is a site that's been around since 2009 and has recently undertaken a major revamp! We are future set and focus on a mythology and magic feel to the Harry Potter verse while adding an additional twist of muggle resistance in the form of Witch Hunters! Feel free to poke around and ask us questions. The application is free form. We have a lot of wanted characters, requests and room for personal plots that can be part of the site plot and future development. Pop into our Discord and get to know us![/align]

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