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Post by Hermione Granger on Wed Sep 02, 2020 9:32 am

She was worried sick for both of her nephews in the hospital wing. Hermione figured that Louis would have an easier time recovering from the events of Halloween night, so her focus was mainly on her godson. She had found a way to have a more private discussion with him after finding out through another staff member about the insults being thrown at him. Why did students have to be so rude?

Hermione still felt awful about having to stun him, so she had to hope that it would be forgiven down the line.

There it was. His bed. The partition was, for the most part, closed, and she was unable to hear any noise coming from it. Was he asleep?

Pulling back the curtain, she saw that he was very much awake and writing in a notebook.

"James?" Hermione inquired. "Is it okay if I join you?"

He looked over at her and shoved his notebook to the side. "Yeah, sure, whatever."

She sat by him on the bed and gave him a hug. "I just wanted to see how you were doing."

"How do you think I'm doing?"

"Is there anything you want to discuss? I don't want to pressure you."

James had an annoyed look on his face. "What do you expect me to say?"

"I know you're having a difficult time, but I think it'd help you to discuss it with someone you trust. I'm your godmother and your aunt. It's my job to be here for you."

He sighed and began to look vulnerable. "If I tell you, will you promise to not tell anybody? I want it to be on my own terms..."

"Of course, sweetie," Hermione responded with a warm smile. "You're always free to drop by to my office if you need to talk."

"I'm gay. I like boys the way people think I would about girls."

She held his hand as she watched tears burst from his eyes. "How long have you known?" It really seemed as if he had come to terms about it recently. That was what Hermione was assuming.

"For a few years now. Why do you think I had a revolving door of girlfriends that only lasted a month?"

"Just know that you have my support, Jamesy." Hermione patted his back as he cried profusely into her shoulder.

"Thank you."

This was going to be a difficult few months.
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