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another day ((open))

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another day ((open)) Empty another day ((open))

Post by Killian Phiera on Tue Sep 01, 2020 2:40 pm

He was awake. It was a rather nice sleep. The nicest he had in a while. Intuitively, Killian felt for his pocket bible only to realize that it wasn't there. His brain raced to Halloween night when he had set it on fire in a fi of blasphemy. Oh god. How was he going to explain to his parents during the upcoming holidays? Maybe he could lie. Maybe he could write a letter saying that he lost it. That way, he can get a new one. It can help keep his cover when he's within his immediate family. Great idea!

Killian had heard that Faye was also situated in the hospital wing, but he had no idea how they were all arranged. Hopefully, he didn't make too much of a fool of himself.
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