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New life and new job (Liliana)

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New life and new job (Liliana) Empty New life and new job (Liliana)

Post by Jessica Cruz on Sat Aug 29, 2020 7:31 am

Jessica needed for the job that she could do at the night time since she couldn't go outside during the day since being a vampire. Anyways she found this bartender job opening at this club called Bloodline. So she applied there and a few days later she had to show up for the interview. She really hoped she would get it.

This young woman walked into the club and she loved what she saw there. This was the place she would love to work with many different people. She was even more excited about her interview for the job. She knew that she will do so well as she can. She has mixed drinks before but mostly for her own fun, so she knew some basics actually.

She looked around and tried to spot the owner. Jessica was wearing a black mini dress which barely even covered her asset down there and it hugged her every curve perfectly, she did have also black underwear, top of it all was her black leather jacket, she was also wearing high boots, what we're over her knees and had 5-inch heel down. This outfit might not have been appropriate for this meeting but the girl didn't care. She loves s to show her body whenever she could. Also, this was the club, so why not. And also she loved the attention she got from females mostly. She never has paid much attention to males, she is into females only.

@Liliana Walsh
Jessica Cruz
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