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Earth Report 403

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Earth Report 403 Empty Earth Report 403

Post by Drogros on Tue Aug 18, 2020 12:49 pm

Mannor mishun orah no! Benthadoom kamilgolad ashj...

Can I just write this in English please? I've been up here too long.

So how's it going? They like to ask that here, but aren't ever really interested in the answer. Bit weird. Anyway, this is my Earth Report 403 and I think it's probably my best one yet. Wait until you get a load of this!

I've made a friend. A human girl named 'Elysia'. It's all right - she can be trusted, or I'll just kill her. No stress.

So we've got into a school here and I've planted that thing you gave me. Heard one of the adults saying it was a 'dark vine', but I'm a bit annoyed about that. I wanted them to call it Hell's Seed or Soran Tiros - but humans don't speak demonic. I forget that sometimes. What about The Devil's Thorn?! That would be a good one.

Anyway, that thing spreads a bit. It managed to get a few of the humans. I think we could probably benefit from it, if it works. Finger's crossed. I'll be around to check on what happens, and give you Earth Report 404 in haste.

We should probably try it out on other humans. I doubt the angels will be paying much attention. They love themselves too much.

Kisses and cuddles (another human saying)

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