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disnict nature (diethelm)

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disnict nature (diethelm) Empty disnict nature (diethelm)

Post by Avice Raywood on Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:21 pm

The woman could certainly tell that the middle of Autumn had fallen upon them, because her daily walks were getting colder, and she knew the trees change. To her the idea though was a very muggle way of telling the changing of seasons, and she hated it. Although she felt it held some magic tone to it, as she walked into the entrance hall.

Going over to steps, she took the hood of her clock off, at the sight of someone.

"How surprising? Going to enjoy the weather are we?" asked Avice, even if there was little for anyone to enjoy when it came to the cold months making way.

@Diethelm Samuels

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disnict nature (diethelm) Empty Re: disnict nature (diethelm)

Post by Diethelm Samuels on Mon Aug 17, 2020 3:40 pm

Diethelm was having difficulty adjusting to the different climates of Scotland; even though it wasn't too dissimilar to Pennsylvania, it was still a change from what he was accustomed to.

"I'm just walking around, miss," he responded to his co. worker as he adjusted his bag strap.

@Avice Raywood
Diethelm Samuels
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