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Marco Valenti

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Marco Valenti  Empty Marco Valenti

Post by Marco Valenti on Fri Aug 14, 2020 3:11 pm

Marco Valenti  Fggass10


Name: Marco Jasper Valenti
Nicknames: Marc
Date of Birth: July 1, 2007
Age: 13
Blood Status: Halfblood
Hometown: Florence, Italy
Current Home: Belfast, Ireland
Nationality: American-Italian
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Questioning
Wand: 10.5 inches, Dogwood, Unicorn Tail Hair


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short and Rather Spikey
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Skinny
Height: 6.0
Other Distinguishing Features: Np[e
Clothing Style: Casual


I am going to be honest with whoever is reading this, and the story of my life. You may think that from a distance my life is perfect. I got something to say, that couldn’t be far from true. You see I come from a very rich family who has roots to the infamous Cartwright family in America, and it is also safe to say my mother is a pretty prominent member of the Italian Ministry who had just happened to marry a man who is the son of one of the wizarding worlds first Muggleborn Mafia people, and yeah my life has ties to the Mafia.

The idea of perfection is far from my life and it is safe to say that I never found much joy in being a part of that sort of life to say the least. My life always relied on my sister and I who I tried to watch out for most of my life, and be there for in any way I could try to be there for her. She is someone who I am very protective of due to the fact that in my family we always come first, and my father would do anything to make sure we follow that.

For being a mafia man, my dad was a good dad. Minus his thrive for power, and how he’d do anything to make sure he was on the best criminal masterminds to ever walk the Earth. It is pretty crazy and sad, but it’s how our family works. My dad is powerful and therefore he tries to teach my brother and I the importance of it.

To me it is something stupid, and you could say I am someone who tries to avoid conflict in every way that I can avoid it. Although it always finds a way to find me, and it had been a thing that my dad has tried his best to teach me. Even if it doesn’t work, because I don’t like the idea of fighting, and if I could I would escape it. I hope to one day escape it, and that happened once my mother had decided to send my sister and I away to keep our family safe, and also keep an appearance of being rock hard, and also because my little sister was almost killed by a member of an opposing family, and it was us who had to make sure she is alright.

So before my first year, the two of us were sent away, and haven’t been home since living with my paternal grandmother who is one of the Hogwarts governors, and also trying to keep my father roots away, despite both of us keeping our last names. Yeah I am here trying to protect my sister and I am unable to return home until the day my sister graduates, and if you want my honest opinion I have no interest in going home.

I want to be free.
Marco Valenti
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Marco Valenti  Empty Re: Marco Valenti

Post by Elysia Mort on Mon Aug 17, 2020 10:15 am


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