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Nicoleta Miller

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Nicoleta Miller Empty Nicoleta Miller

Post by Nicoleta Miller on Sat Aug 08, 2020 12:19 am

Nicoleta Miller Tumblr_nq1sleGO3A1thoc35o3_250


Name: Nicoleta Miller (real name is Nicoleta Matei)
Nicknames: Nicole, Nikki
Titles: Vampire royalty
Date of Birth: September 2nd
Age: 18
Blood Status: Born Vampire
Hometown: Somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains.
Current Home: Hogwarts
School: Hogwarts (transfer)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 7.5", manticore hair core, monkey puzzle


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Usually worn long but sometimes cut to shoulder length
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: Athletic, feminine
Height: 5'8
Clothing Style: Trying to blend in, so she wears whatever those around her are wearing but never goes anywhere without her little star necklace that allows her to walk in the sun.


Nicoleta comes from a long line of Vampiric royalty. Her bloodline is one of the purest that can be found and her parents married to keep it as such instead of for love. Though, they always made things work with each other for their daughter’s sake since both were absolutely smitten with her from the very beginning. Her parents had had trouble conceiving, a curse of their kind. But eventually they were able to have Nicoleta and it was made clear that the bloodline would go on. They hired all the best tutors for her, made sure that she had the best of everything. She was raised among the other children of the other royal families as an equal to them, because she was their equal.

The entirety of her childhood was spent being taught how to rule, even if it was clear that she wouldn’t have to worry about it for some time. Her parents were still in good health and had no plans of stepping down anytime soon. Though, Nicoleta took to the training very easily. She had a certain air about her even from a young age, people tended to look to her for guidance.

Though, it wasn’t all training and the like, she did go to school once she was old enough as well, receiving a rare letter from Durmstrang on her 12th birthday. It wasn’t common for those in her bloodline to have magical ability but this only made young Nicoleta more valuable to the royal families. She always did well in her classes, got along well enough with her peers. Of course, none of them could know what she was and she used a fake last name for safety purposes.

It seemed all the safety measures in the world wouldn’t be enough, though. While she was away at school, an attack happened on her family home. Both of her parents were slayed. She was pulled out of school during the last semester of her sixth year and put into the vampire equivalent of ‘witness protection’. She mourned the loss of her parents but she wasn’t alone in her hiding. She was sent with her soulmate, a warrior who would be able to blend in with the student population but also would keep her safe as well as another to look after her, a professor at the school she was being sent to. Only time will tell how things will play out from there and whether her family’s enemies would find her.
Nicoleta Miller
Slytherin Seventh Year
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Nicole or Nikki
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Secretly Dating
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non corporeal
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Alejandra Alonso
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Post by Louis Weasley on Sat Aug 08, 2020 7:23 am

Louis Weasley
Hufflepuff Seventh Year
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Louis / Lou
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Head Boy
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Dating Cherry
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Edvin Endre
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