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Killian Phiera

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Killian Phiera  Empty Killian Phiera

Post by Killian Phiera on Tue Aug 04, 2020 9:42 am

tw: suicidal thoughts, homophobia

Killian Phiera  Tumblr_8d69afc5526615a25965a1659a5c834a_6ac572d7_540


   Name: Killian Bricin Phiera
   Nicknames: Ian
   Titles: N/A
   Date of Birth: November 29, 2003
Age: 16
   Blood Status: Muggleborn
   Hometown: Kilgevrin, Ireland
   Current Home: Kilgevrin, Ireland
   Nationality: Irish
   School: Hogwarts
   Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (very closeted)
   Wand: Spruce, unicorn hair, 11"


   Hair Color: Brown
   Hair Style: Short, somewhat styled
   Eye Color: Hazel?
   Body Type: Skinny
   Height: 5'7
   Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
   Clothing Style: A bit preppy - Catholic motifs to compensate


   Frankincense filled the air. The sound of teardrops. An open Bible. How could he ever repent for what he could not help?

It all started when he was attending Hogwarts; he was nearly excommunicated for witchcraft until his father discovered that his first cousin, Faye, who they weren't that close to, also had such a gift. He was simply told to never show such evil while at home. At least that was easy for him to cope with even as something he couldn't help. He could always choose to live like a Muggle down the road.

This arrangement was going swimmingly until he had his first real crush. His life, as he knew it, was over. Hours would be spent in the bathrooms crying and praying on his knees simply asking God, "Why?"

Why did he have to be born a sinner? Why did he have to be a disappointment to everything the Church and his family stood for?

As these feelings continued, he realized that there was no way he would ever be able to come out. He didn't want to lose his lifeline. His options were to live a lie, become a monk, or end it all.

Rosaries adorned his neck. He had to show his devotion to the faith to please Him even if, deep down, he was beginning to have second thoughts. How loving of a God was he to create him in this way? What were the pros to being a gay wizard in a Catholic world?

There was no way to escape this predicament.
Killian Phiera
Hufflepuff Sixth Year
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Killian Phiera  Empty Re: Killian Phiera

Post by Lochlan Riddle on Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:18 am

Lochlan Riddle
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